Designers Emily Current and Meritt Elliott on the Power of Reinvention

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Second Life

Emily Current and Meritt Elliott have achieved something most friends only ever dream about. What started as a college friendship blossomed into a wildly successful business partnership built on mutual respect and admiration. After going their separate ways following graduation, Current and Elliott took a leap of faith, parting from their lives as freelance stylists and writers to join forces and create what would become multiple successful fashion brands together. In the fifth episode of Second Life, Current and Elliott tell us what it's like to break into the fashion industry with your best friend.

"We needed each other," says Current. Once united, the fashion duo found success in a variety of endeavors, from styling under the alias Maude to launching their own labels Current/Elliott and, most recently, The Great. Inspired by vintage fashion and classic Americana, their clothes spoke for themselves as the young entrepreneurs were still learning how to run a business. "We really figure things out as we go, and we don't follow the rules because we don't really know the rules," says Current.

Both women agree you can't hold back when it comes to creating the life you want. "I think it's that fearlessness that's really important when you're entrepreneurial, when you want to start a business. You've just got to go for it," Current says. For Elliott, it's all about continuously moving forward. "Keep learning and evolving and growing what you want to do because you've got to stay on top of it and nurture it every day," she says.

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