How Kelly Oxford Went From Stay-at-Home Mom to Breadwinner in a Tweet

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It's hard to sum up Kelly Oxford's career without resorting to a list. She's a New York Times best-selling author, screenwriter, sexual assault activist, social media sensation, and mom of three. If you aren't following her on Twitter and Instagram, our podcast host Hillary Kerr says you're missing out: "[She's] one of my favorite people to follow on social media, period."

Oxford wasn't always career-focused, though. In episode three of our podcast, Second Life, she explains what it was like to go from stay-at-home mom to social media sensation almost overnight. "My husband had a great job, I was living that housewife life, and it sort of weirdly happened," she says. "It wasn't like I was trying to get anything [from using social media]. I was just tweeting for me."

Her reality changed when Jessica Alba sent her a direct message on Twitter. "[She] said that as a new mom she really related to my voice [and] that she would support me in any way." Fast-forward a few months, and Oxford was hopping on a plane bound for L.A., leaving a life of "diapers and Canada for three days" to pitch a script she'd written with Alba's support. The duo sold the script on the second day of meetings, and Oxford and her family moved to L.A. a year later.

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Second Life

On How She Structures Her Day

After dropping her kids off at three different schools, Oxford settles at her desk to start work. "I see how I'm feeling and check in with myself." The writer says she chooses tasks strategically to ensure she's in the right mindset to give it her all. "I tune into what my emotional state is that day and figure out what story my mindset is best suited for."

On the #NotOkay Movement

"I tweeted the day that Donald Trump said he grabs women by the pussy. I was reminded of a time when I was 12 years old on a bus and a man did that to me," she recalls. "It made me so mad to see that tape." Oxford tweeted her experience with the tag #NotOkay and asked others to do the same. "Within three days, there were over 30 million responses to it."

On Creating a Compelling Narrative

Budding writers, take note: "My best advice is when you're writing a story, make sure every scene … builds upon what the bigger picture is, or it's not going to be something that the reader will be engrossed in," she says. "When I was an early writer, I didn't know that. I'd love to get a rant in, [but] it wouldn't move the story forward."

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