Second Life Podcast: How One Woman Swapped Beauty PR for Her Own Indie Food Mag

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Second Life

Kerry Diamond has been starting businesses since she was in the third grade launching a school newspaper. "I am very fortunate in that I knew from a very early age what I wanted to do," she tells Hillary Kerr in episode 34 of Second Life. Although she started out in hard journalism, the entrepreneur pivoted to the beauty space and catapulted from beauty director at Harper's Bazaar to head of PR at Lancôme. All before striking out on her own to co-found Cherry Bombe, a biannual indie magazine that celebrates women in the food world. 

Her first career started traditionally enough. Diamond landed an internship at The Village Voice and started out working in investigative journalism. A handful of internships and various publications later, she got a job at Women's Wear Daily, which is where her beauty career really began. "I wanted to break into fashion, and beauty just happened to be the job I got," she admits. As much as she loved the company, when a huge opportunity to be the beauty director at Harper's Bazaar came her way, she couldn't resist. "I didn't even think twice," she remembers.

Next came her first major career pivot. Lancôme approached her with the opportunity to be the head of PR, and she jumped at the chance, even though it was a major departure from her current position. "I said yes because I was a little bored," she tells Kerr. Diamond isn't one to get too comfortable at a job. She soon started leaning into the restaurant business with her boyfriend at the time who was a chef. When she noticed a lack of community among women in the cooking world, her next endeavor was clear.

"I missed that day-to-day creation … and the name just popped in my head," Diamond recalls. So she launched Cherry Bombe as a passion project that turned into so much more. The biannual mag that spotlights chefs and creatives who are women has since blossomed into a podcast (which Diamond hosts, naturally) and a cookbook (also penned by Diamond). Her advice for others thinking of making a major career change? Start small. "It does take courage … but your leaps don't have to be that crazy," she says.

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