Second Life Podcast: Linda Wells on Founding Allure, Being Fired, and Moving On

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Second Life

When Linda Wells landed her first job as an editorial assistant in the beauty department of Vogue, she didn't have so much as a five-year plan. She admits she could never have planned how her professional life—beauty editor turned editor in chief of a new magazine (a little publication called Allure) turned chief creative officer of Revlon and creator of the cosmetics line Flesh—would have turned out. On Episode 22 of Second Life, Wells dishes about how she leaned into challenges and major changes to build the impressive career she has today.

"I feel like I've been so lucky, and I've had such an adventure, and I never planned it," Wells says. After honing her craft as an editor at Vogue and The New York Times, she received a life-changing call. She was asked to start a beauty magazine from scratch. "It's the most creatively gratifying experience—starting a magazine when it's just an empty page," Wells says of her time at Allure. She was at the helm of game-changing beauty magazine for 25 years before she was thrown another pivotal curveball: She was fired.

This twist simply led Wells down another unexpected path in her ever-evolving career. Offered the position of the chief creative officer at Revlon, Wells was ready for her next challenge, and it wasn't long before she began creating the buzzworthy beauty line Flesh. "Creating things where there's no thing is just—there's nothing better than that," she says. However, Wells doesn't think you have to invent the next big thing to find creativity in your work: "I really think that there's enormous creative possibility everywhere."

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