Do This to Ace an Interview, Says Chief Brand Officer Mandana Dayani

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Second Life

From an outsider's point of view, Mandana Dayani was on a clear path to success: She had graduated from law school at USC and got a scholarship at a top firm. But something wasn't right. "I went from being this extremely passionate person to being like, shit, I don't want to get up tomorrow morning," she tells Hillary Kerr in episode four of our podcast series, Second Life. 

Led by her gut feeling, she knew she had to change careers. "It's hard to be in an environment where you don't want your boss's job. I looked at all the partners and there was no passion… I felt completely caged into this place," she says. While she might have been terrified at the time, the decision to leave her job in the law firm and pursue a new path paid off in a way she couldn't have imagined. 

Away from the rigid structure of a corporate job, Dayani thrived. First, she worked as a commercial talent agent, then as vice president of Rachel Zoe, Inc., where she launched the fashion line, helped grow the business, and, yes, stared in Bravo's The Rachel Zoe Project. Now, Dayani works as the chief brand officer at Everything But the House, an online auction-based marketplace that's changing the way we shop estate sales. 

Her advice for mastering a major career change or simply acing an interview? Believing in yourself, first. "I think that because I believe in myself so much, I make others believe in me. A lot of times when I talk to people I think, You don't believe you can do this. Why would I believe that you can do it?" she says. "I never believed there was something I couldn't figure out."

In the fourth episode of Second Life, Dayani opens up about the biggest lessons she learned from Rachel Zoe, the importance of owning your own time, and the one quality she looks for when hiring. 

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