Second Life Podcast: Meet the Women Behind Nonprofit Baby2Baby's Wild Success

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Second Life


Kelly Sawyer Patricof and Norah Weinstein, co-presidents of the nonprofit Baby2Baby, met on a blind date. Well, a double blind date with their husbands, orchestrated by Patricof's father-in-law. Since then, Patricof and Weinstein married their passion for helping others with their unique backgrounds in fashion and law to head up operations at Baby2Baby—an organization that started with just three women collecting donations for local families in need that has since blossomed into a wildly successful nonprofit backed by some of the coolest moms in Hollywood. 

While Patricof spent her early 20s modeling all over the world and volunteering in her free time, Weinstein was studying law and doing pro bono work. When the two met in Los Angeles, they became friends and bonded over their mutual interest in philanthropic work. So when they stumbled upon a small organization called Baby2Baby, they saw a need and mapped out a plan. "They had started a wonderful thing, but we were ready and we understood our mission," Weinstein explains.

Extreme poverty exists throughout Los Angeles, and Weinstein and Patricof saw a need for a large-scale operation in which they could collect and distribute baby and children's items to low-income families. With the help of a friend who worked in public relations, they announced themselves as co-presidents at their first event, which garnered attendees like Jessica Alba and Nicole Richie, and before they knew it, donations were flooding in from major companies. "It was just this wheel that kept spinning but in a good way," Patricof explains.

Now, they have a team of 25 employees, hundreds of volunteers, and are growing every year. Their advice for others thinking of taking a leap into uncharted career territory? "I feel like there's really no choice," Weinstein says. "When it's not working, I think people have to make the change," Patricof adds. "Whatever it is that you're wanting to do, go after it and get it."

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