This Simple Formula Is the Secret to a Lasting Relationship

So you've finally found that special someone to live out the rest of your days with, but how do you know it will last forever? According to mathematician Hannah Fry, this simple formula will tell you. In her 2014 TED Talk and latest book, The Mathematics of Love, Fry explains that "the best predictor of long-lasting relationships is how positive and negative a couple can be to one another." The book details the groundbreaking work of psychologist John Gottman and his team, who discovered that "low-risk couples have more positive interactions with each other, and high-risk couples tend to spiral into negativity."

Gottman joined forces with mathematician James Murray to "understand how these spirals of negativity happen." From this, they formed equations that can "predict how positive or negative a husband and wife will be at the next point in their conversation." So what makes a happy couple last the distance? Fry adds, "In those relationships, couples allow each other to complain, and work together to constantly repair the tiny issues between them. In such a case, couples don't bottle up their feelings, and little things don't end up being blown completely out of proportion." 

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