A New Study Reveals the Surprising Secret to a Longer Life

Life is good, right, so who wouldn't want to live longer? It seems there's a new discovery every day that claims to extend our life span, from eating more spicy food to increasing our sense of well-being. So what about the people who disregard traditional health advice—like this amazing 110-year-old woman—and still live well into their 90s and beyond? According to a new study, being born with intelligent genes has a lot to do with it, and having a "higher intelligence predicts a longer life span." So these findings suggest that brighter people will live longer regardless of whether their lifestyle choices are healthy? Not only are they smarter, but they'll live longer too. Now that doesn't sound fair… We're calling for a retest. 

To read more of this study, visit the International Journal of Epidemiology.

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What do you think about this research? Do you agree that intelligence will increase your life span? Let us know in the comments.