The One Thing America's Fastest-Growing Companies Have in Common

The secret to big-time business success is manifold, though certainly being ahead of the curve of consumers' wants and needs is a big factor. "Sniff trends early and strike," avers writer Leigh Buchanan for Inc., the publication behind the Inc. 500, a who's who of the fastest-growing private companies in America.

But there's more to it than simply seizing the day and jumping at an opportunity before you know for certain it will stick and be successful. According to Inc., an even more important trend of these wildly successful companies is that their founding members and teams are students: ravenously curious, highly self-aware (of their weaknesses and growth areas, especially), and fearless students and explorers. "That is the paradox of successful entrepreneurs—they are flawed but fearless," notes Buchanan.

It's a pattern that should make aspiring entrepreneurs excited to dive in and see what they discover. These are learnings that can only be encountered in the trenches of mistakes made and lessons learned.

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