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We're Officially Buying A Sectional After Seeing These Living Rooms

green sectional in jungle inspired living room

Casa Watkins Living

People often talk about how important it is to invest in a mattress because apparently, you spend a third of your life sleeping. But what about the other two-thirds of your life? We like to think we’re probably spending a good chunk of that time lounging on our sofas, blissfully binging Netflix. Because of that, we’re pretty sure that finding the right couch is just as, if not more, important than finding a good mattress.

On one hand, you could go for aesthetics and invest in a high-quality leather sofa that skips on any comfort whatsoever. Or, you could go for all cushioning and settle on a sore eye that you’re afraid to show guests. But there’s a middle ground sofa that does it all: it’s aesthetically pleasing, it's endlessly cozy, and, if you try hard enough, it can double as a bed for those times when your mattress just won’t cut it. 

Yes, we’re talking about sectionals. And we’re pretty convinced that every living space needs one. Ready to find your perfect sofa? Keep scrolling for our favorite sectional ideas. Trust us, you’ll want to choose wisely when it comes to the piece of furniture you spend two-thirds of you life lounging around on.

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Go For the Instant Classic

white classic sectional

D Burns Interior

There’s perhaps nothing more classic than this sectional. The modular design, the rectangular-cut cushions, the not-quite-gray-not-quite-white color, the small but beautifully crafted feet—what more could you ask for. It’s the kind of couch that could go in any room with any design style, but we happen to love how it fits so well into this minimal color palette.

Leclair sectional
LD Shoppe Leclair Sectional $2,744.00
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Add a Little Leather

leather sectional couch

JC Design

Unlike the leather couch you might find in an old guy cigar lounge, this one oozes comfort — and it’s all thanks to the mixing of textures. The sofa pillows, combined with the faux fur throw and lush rug all give the otherwise stuffy leather material a very homey feeling. It's a perfect fit for this boho-style space—it's a natural.

Caitlin leather sectional
Interior Define Caitlin $4,595.00
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Consider Pretty in Pink

pink sectional couch

Dazey Den

Ask any millennial, and they’d probably tell you that millennial pink is, in fact, a neutral. The wonderful thing about the blush pink color is that it pairs well with almost any other color, whether that’s lavender, coral, or deep teal — or all three together. Combining the fun hue with such comfortable seating is a match made in heaven.

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Include a Hue of Blue

bright blue sectional

Emily Henderson

If you live in an apartment where painting your plain white walls is definitely out of the question, or you just like to stick to a neutral color palette, this bright royal blue sofa is a must. It's an easy way to add some color into your living room without it overpowering the space. The radiant tone truly is a work of art in itself.

Tone it down with a few neutral accessories, or play up the hue with all white decor.

Blue velvet sectional
Hooseng Modern Design Sofa Velvet Fabric Convertible Tufted Sleeper Sectional Couch $499.00
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Play With Texture

leather sectional with orange and white tile floor

Dazey Den

Have we mentioned we love texture? There’s just so much it can do for a room. Here, the leather pairs amazingly well with the stylish pillows and fluffy throw — not to mention the southwestern accents. Don’t you just want to dive in headfirst? 

Article sofa sectional
Article Sven $2,999.00
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Gather Around

teal wrap around sectional couch

Victoria Bell Design

One of the best parts of sectionals is their innate nature to build a conversation area. Whether you have just one extended side or a full wrap-around couch, sectionals bring people together. This one is no exception: the sofa invites people in with its soft material and gorgeous hue.

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Comfy Contrast

navy midcentury modern couch in mostly white room

Tina Ramchandani

Few things bring personality to a room quite like the contrast between extreme light and extreme dark. Here, we love the way the deep navy sectional juxtaposes with the soft, ivory walls. We’re pretty sure we could spend hours there reading a book.

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Make a Statement

green sectional in colorful living room

Casa Watkins Living

For those who might shudder at the thought of a completely neutral room, it’s all about making a statement with brightly colored furniture. Select a sectional in an unexpected color, such as this rich green, and pair it with plenty of brightly colored accents and greenery. 

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Try a Masculine Design

stormy gray sectional couch

Bespoke Only

Sometimes, you buy a couch to fit the design of a room. Other times, such as for this room, the couch determines absolutely everything else. Here, the dark tone and style of the couch emulate everything else in the room, and the clean, masculine design extends well past the living space. We also love the grounded feel of the flat on the floor structure this sectional provides—it makes the space feel natural and relaxed.

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See if You're Made for Monochrome

tan/beige sectional in a monochrome inspired living room

Michelle Boudreau Design

The telltale sign of a great sofa is one that you can easily see yourself face-planting into after a long day. This one has that exact vibe. But it’s not just the deep cushioning that gives off that feeling. It’s also the entirely monochrome color scheme that feels like something you might see in a hygge handbook. 

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Embrace Clean White

bright clean white sectional

Alvin Wayne

If — and only if — you have no pets, no kids, and no problem with constant cleaning, a white sofa can be so magical. The crisp colorless furniture makes such an impact in a room. This one works overtime with the excess white and cream pillows lining the entire length of the sofa.

Oasis Sectional
Room & Board Oasis Sectional $2,798.00
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More Sectional, Less Problems

large white sectional

Tina Ramchandani

The issue with most sectionals is that everyone always wants to lay down in the part that juts out, leaving others to settle for the sofa's much less fun middle section. We love seeing a unique sectional that opts for a wider, open area rather than extending into a solitary chaise meant for one person.

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Don't Forget Greige, Of Course

griege sectional

Ann Living

It’s honestly surprising that we got this far into a furniture round-up without selecting something greige. It’s the classic couch color, honestly. And with a sectional, you really can’t go wrong. If you’re trying to invest in a sofa that will stand the test of time (and trends), greige is your BFF.

Urban 3-Piece L-Shaped Sectional
West Elm Urban 3-Piece L-Shaped Sectional $3,295.00
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Give Brown Suede a Chance

brown suede sectional

Rebecca Rollins Interiors

We are fans of neutral color furniture—especially when it comes to focal points like sectionals. The rich chocolate color highlights other dark brown accents (check out those exposed beams on the ceilings, anyone?) while contrasting the light walls and floor. Additionally, brown sectionals—especially faux suede—work as a dream team to repel and hide stains that may try to make themselves known.

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Try Warming Up to Beige

beige sectional with decorative throw pillows

Tyler Karu

There is so much to admire about neutral tones in a living room, especially given how it works well with a vintage or contemporary style. This modern sectional still maintains a beige feel, with warmer tones that work exceptionally well with the warm wooden floors and tables. The space feels open and inviting—and you have the perfect seating option for everyone to congregate.

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Cool Things Down With Gray

light gray comfy sectional

Cathie Hong

If you're a fan of cooler shades but don't want to go too dark, then a light gray sectional is ideal. This cloudy gray sectional sets the tone for a modern living room, complete with navy blue and deep green accents through the plants, pillows, and plush throw. It feels like the perfect space to relax and retreat from the outside world.

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Don't Be Shy About Throw Pillows

tan sectional

Burchard Design Co.

Truthfully, as much personality as your sectional can have, it can also be swayed by the items placed on it. Throw pillows make the perfect accent and can often help set the tone through patterns and colors. Plus, with a sectional, there is all the more room to add whatever catches your eye—it's a win-win.

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Go Green

olive sectional

JC Design

If you haven't noticed, we will always have a soft spot for green sectionals. This olive shade, in particular, really has our attention—it gives just the right amount of color to a neutral setting and makes a statement all its own. The white pillows and blanket draped across it pop, and the muted tone meshes well with the green plants in a natural way.

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Embrace Chic and Comfortable

off white sectional

Kate Marker Interiors

Anyone who claims you can't have a style that is chic and comfortable clearly hasn't seen this living room. The off-white sectional looks equal parts sophisticated and cozy—no need to sacrifice anything here. The simple chandelier and pale pink accent chairs add a nice touch without causing a distraction.

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Don't Underestimate Dark Brown in All White

deep brown sectional in all white room

Bespoke Only

If you want to try something a little dramatic, a deep brown sectional in a bright white room will do the trick. The neutral color scheme still reigns supreme in this living room, yet your eyes gravitate towards the sectional almost immediately. Truly, who can blame you?

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