4 Things You Can Do Right Now For an Immediate Confidence Boost

Updated 09/26/17
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Self-love is arguably the most important commitment you can make to yourself—keyword being "commitment." Like your yoga practice or your burgeoning startup company, fostering a sense of self-respect and confidence is a daily task; it's not enough to simply go about life and hope for the best. Take it from Danielle Colley, a health and wellness writer for My Body+Soul, who recently dug herself out of a negativity spiral and restored her confidence. "My negative self-talk had become very loud and I found myself questioning everything I was doing," she writes.

"Then I realized, maybe I did need to do something differently. Maybe I needed to look at the way I was thinking." Below, read up on the small changes Colley made to foster a sense of self-love:

She said one nice thing to herself in the mirror every morning. "At first it felt a bit weird to throw a random 'You are smart, talented and worthy,' at my reflection in the mirror," she admits. "But soon my morning love words became like a moment with an old friend."

She committed to exercise every weekday. Exercise is scientifically proven to boost the feel-good chemicals in your brain, meaning it's a surefire way to break out of a funk. "I know that my physical, and more importantly, mental space, is so much better for the entire day if I do a minimum of 30 minutes exercise in the morning," she explains. "I took the debate out of the equation by committing to exercise every weekday."

She took a break from social media. Countless studies have now linked social media use to depression and anxiety. "I was such a Facebook addict that I would check it every 10-15 minutes," she divulges. But, after deleting the app from her phone, she realized that "the less I saw [on Facebook], the more I realized it’s not important, or relevant, to my life."  

She wrote down 3 things she was grateful for every night. We've written extensively about the power of gratitude; those who are grateful for even the mundane aspects of their lives are happier overall. "A moment’s reflection at the end of the day can reveal some interesting things, such as, your life is actually pretty damned great," she admits.

How have you broken a negative thought pattern in your life? Share your tips below, and head over to My Body+Soul for more from Colley.

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