A Whole New Way to Enjoy Your Favorite Book

beach2-1024x687_slide-5c7b1107c070d417d3079c31ad6d20fb4da2c8f3-s40-c85 In freaky science-fiction-as-reality news, researchers at MIT have developed a vest that when worn while reading a specially modified text, will cause the reader to share the same sensory experiences as the character in the story. According to NPR, "By combining networked sensors and actuators, the wearable can change lighting, sound, temperature, chest tightness and even the heart rate of the reader to match what the main character in the book is going through." The prototype, which was developed as a class project to spark a dialogue, is fully operational but will not be mass manufactured any time soon. "It was put together as part of a class in which designers read science fiction and make functional prototypes to explore the ideas in the books," Elise Hu of NPR says. To read more about the project, head to NPR. Photograph: Courtesy of the MIT Media Lab.