"The Magic Is in the Mushrooms"—This Serum Is Flying Off Sephora Shelves

The comment section is notorious for being one of the most vicious places on the internet. It's where angry reviewers and unhappy customers go to spew their venom (whether warranted or not), so when we see positive comments and conversations about a specific person, place, or thing, we're all ears. This is especially true when it comes to hunting for the right products to add to our skincare routine. Glowing reviews with honest, thorough feedback make it a lot easier to invest in the right thing. 

And because Sephora is like a candy store for skincare rookies, junkies, and everyone in between, we decided to reach out to its team to learn about its recent best sellers. Then, we scoured the site for all the top-rated products and braved the comment section to see what the people have to say about them. Find out about the 19 products at Sephora that are flying off the shelves and delivering major results for every skin type and concern so you know which ones are actually worth the price tag