Mercury Comes Out of Retrograde This Month—Here's What It Means for You

At MyDomaine, we want to prepare you for all of life’s challenges, and what better way to do that than by getting some foresight from the stars? Each month, we’ll be bringing you your horoscope along with a power product to help you get through the month, handpicked by our resident horoscope expert, Amelia Quint. If you’re changing careers, moving into a new home, or getting married, consider yourself in good hands. Ahead Quint shares what to expect this month—and what you’ll need to get through it.



Original Illustration by Stephanie DeAngelis

This month we’re transitioning from practical Virgo to idealistic Libra. Poised at the beginning of the academic calendar, the mood shifts from detail-focused to thought-provoking as you dig into the topics that make your mind soar. Get a solid routine in place early in the month so you can relax and enjoy yourself over the next 30 days. Libra loves music, art, and being in love, so use this time to get back in touch with the things and people that made you fall head over heels.

Mercury and Mars meet up twice this month, on the 3rd and the 16th, to stimulate your creativity. The first is at the same degree of the eclipse, so you may notice the ideas you had around that time becoming more concrete. Things take off with Mercury direct and Mars into Virgo on the 5th, and you really focus in on what it is you want to do next when Mercury enters Virgo on the 9th. A full moon in Pisces on the 6th fulfills a fantasy you’ve been hoping for, and Venus conjuncts with the north node, or “destiny point,” in Leo on the 14th, which could bring a meant-to-be romantic or artistic connection that puts butterflies in your stomach.

Venus moving into Virgo on the 19th means that you do best with a down-to-earth yet polished approach. Don’t be shy, but mind your manners. The stars align for you to get organized on the 20th when the new moon falls in Virgo. You’ll need to have your foundations in place because when the sun enters Libra on the 22nd, love and art could become a distraction. You’ll have to make a few adjustments when Jupiter opposes Uranus on the 28th, but you’ll love the results if you do. Pluto direct on the 28th resets your willpower (and your libido), and Mercury into Libra on the 29th shows you how to sweet talk your way into getting what you want.

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