Your September Horoscope Is Here—This Is What's in Store for You

January Horoscopes 2019

This month, the sun is moving from practical Virgo into pleasure-loving Libra. It’s a welcome change, as you can finally fall into the routine of back-to-school season and start adding more leisure back into your life. Sometimes, the hardest thing to do is prioritize yourself, so take a note from Virgo and remember that your world only runs efficiently if you do. Show yourself and those around you some love by stepping back where you can and being gentle with yourself and others, especially once Libra season starts on the 23rd. Throughout this month, we could all use a little more kindness.

There’s no easy way to say it: The next 30 days are going to be tough. Thanks to a sensitive Pisces full moon, a tender Libra new moon, tension from Jupiter and Neptune, and tough love from Saturn, the stars are challenging your emotional boundaries and testing the strength of your relationships. Now, it’s up to you to draw the line on how far you’re willing to let things go. Whether it’s a romance that’s out of balance or drama at work, the good thing about astrology like this is that you learn powerful lessons that will make future interactions like this so much easier. So embrace the struggle, and know that this is cosmic strength training.

Curious how September will affect you? Read for your sign to find out!

aries horoscope 2019

Feelings alert! Under the Pisces full moon in your highly sensitive twelfth house on the 14th, your emotions have a message for you. Even if it takes some practice, flexing your gentleness muscles will help you recover if you’ve been feeling fatigued from a particularly stressful situation. After that, you’ll have to take a stand for what you believe in when spirituality planets Jupiter and Neptune square off with one another on the 21st. It’s not always easy to have to defend your ideals to other people, but sometimes, it’s necessary. Fortunately, your competitive side loves a good debate!

You’ll start feeling the love again once the sun enters Libra, your relationship zone, on the 23rd. Lean on your friends if you need to, because responsibility planet Saturn’s alignment with the south node in your career sector on the 28th could cause your workload to spike. A Libra new moon that same day helps you find a new, healthier way of relating to others, especially at the office. It might be tough in the moment, but when it’s all said and done, the professional growth will be totally worth it.

taurus horoscope 2019

If you’ve been feeling stuck in art or romance, communication planet Mercury’s link with love goddess Venus on the 13th delivers the inspiration you’ve been waiting for. The perfect idea pops into your head, or the perfect match could send you a message. Under the emotionally charged Pisces full moon in your friendship the next day, set some ground rules with your social circle. Fortunately, Venus into your health and habits zone that same day ensures that any standards you set now will make your bond way more sustainable. Once Libra season starts on the 23rd, you’ll start to see those efforts pay off!

When lucky Jupiter squares off with spiritual Neptune in your intimacy and groups zones on the 21st, you might end up with too much of a good thing in a leadership role or personal bond. Then, tough Saturn align with the south node on the 28th to remind you how much you value your independence. Fortunately, it’s not too late to course correct! With the Libra new moon in your routines sector that same day, being more intentional with your schedule can help you take back your autonomy. Even if it’s awkward at first, you’ll feel so much freer afterward.

January Horoscopes 2019 — Gemini

If you’ve been looking for the right time to talk to someone about how you feel, try to do it when Mercury and Venus link arms in your emotions zone on the 13th. When the Pisces full moon lights up your career zone on the 14th, it’s possible you might need to have a heart to heart relating to your professional goals. With Mercury into your inspiration zone that same day, ask yourself whether or not your current role is giving you enough creative satisfaction. Fortunately, once the sun moves into the same area of your horoscope on the 23rd, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to step into the spotlight!

When spirituality planets Jupiter and Neptune square off on the 21st, a fresh perspective helps you renegotiate your relationship with your colleagues. With strict Saturn aligned to the karmic south node on the 28th, do whatever’s required to get your work and life back into balance. The Libra new moon that same day might bring some difficult conversations, but it’ll also deliver the compromise you really need to bring joy back into your office.

cancer horoscope 2019

Right now, are you living to work, or working to live? The line between the two can be blurry sometimes, especially under a very sensitive Pisces full moon in your wanderlust zone on the 21st. When Jupiter and Neptune square off on the 21st, you realize the routines you currently have in place might be preventing you from having the level of independence you crave. Fortunately, a writing retreat, short trip, or just a day off spent reading things you love can refill your depleted energy reserves enough to pull yourself up and into a new way of being—especially once the sun enters your rest and recovery zone on the 23rd.

On the 28th, responsibility planet Saturn links up with the karmic south node to reveal where your relationships could use some work. Love is a process, Cancer, so remember that you get out of it what you put in. A tender Libra new moon that same day helps you find balance between your needs and those of your partners, whether they’re lovers, friends, or colleagues. After that, you’ll finally finally be in sync!

leo horoscope 2019

Your sign loves to keep things light, but eventually, we all have to buckle down. Under the emotionally charged Pisces full moon on the 14th, it’s time to talk about some taboo topics, like intimacy, money, or personal transformation. When Jupiter and Neptune square off on the 21st, you realize how keeping these things in the shadows actually steals your joy. You excavate feelings you thought you’d moved on from, but once they’re out in the open, you feel so much better!

Once the sun enters your communication zone on the 23rd, you’ll be in high demand, with plenty of calendar invites and opportunities to connect with people who can help you grow. Under a vulnerable Libra new moon on the 28th, you open up to a new social group. With strict Saturn aligning with the karmic south node that same day, it’s going to take discipline to incorporate this new community into your schedule, but the reward far outweighs any reservations you might have going in.

virgo horoscope 2019

When Mercury aligns with love goddess Venus in your sign on the 13th, you step your self-care up a notch. You’ll want to be hydrated and well rested, because a highly sensitive Pisces full moon in your partnership zone on the 14th will test your emotional boundaries. Fortunately, Mercury into your security-minded second house that same day helps you keep your priorities and professional demeanor in check, and the sun there from the 23rd enhances the effect.

Once spiritual planets Jupiter and Neptune square off on the 21st, you zoom out and see the toll any out-of-balance relationships are taking on your well being, but Jupiter’s good influence ensures that whatever happens now is for the best. With tough Saturn aligned to the karmic south node on the 28th, you might feel like all this is sucking all the fun out of your life, but if you’re authentic and clear under the Libra new moon, a few adjustments to your at-work settings will bring joy back in no time.

libra horoscope 2019

On the 13th, Mercury and Venus sync up in your spirituality zone to help you make peace with whatever or whoever has been worrying you most lately. It’s a step in the right direction, especially as a sensitive Pisces full moon the day after reminds you just how much self-care you need in order to thrive. If you’ve been working late hours at the expense of your own well-being, now’s the time to take a long weekend and recuperate. With Mercury and Venus into your sign that same day, your graceful demeanor means you’ll be able to step out with minimal disruption.

When outspoken Jupiter squares off with tricky Neptune on the 21st, you might want to clarify your message. Be on high alert for schedule snafus or mixed signals! Everyone puts their foot in their mouth sometimes, so don’t feel bad if it happens to you. With strict Saturn and the karmic south node aligned on the 28th, a little tough love could go a long way. Thanks to a tender Libra new moon that same day, you’re able to be real with yourself about how your current circumstances are supporting your goals. If they aren’t aligned, now’s your chance to balance things out.

Horoscope March 2018

Even though your sign has a reputation for being a power player, you’re secretly way more motivated by things like love and art. Under a hyper sensitive Pisces full moon in your pleasure zone, you rededicate yourself to the things that bring you the most joy, even if it means pressing pause on a few professional goals. When wealth planet Jupiter squares off with spiritual Neptune on the 21st, make sure you’re investing your resources into things that are actually in line with your values.

When the sun moves into your gentle twelfth house on the 23rd, the next 30 days will be all about rest, recovery, and reflection. Tough Saturn in sync with the karmic south node in Capricorn on the 28th means it’s time to get serious about the way you communicate and express yourself with more authority. If you’ve been operating from a place of fear, the tender Libra new moon that same day heals your heart and balances out awkward interpersonal dynamics, even if it’s hard at first.

Horoscope March 2018

Your wanderlust-driven sign cares far more about experiences than calling any one place home, but under an emotional Pisces full moon on the 24th, your abode needs your attention. Whether you find yourself buying a house, downsizing to a more manageable apartment, or taking your show on the road, expansive Jupiter’s square with spiritual Neptune ensures that your new digs will be way more “you.” Even if it’s tough, know that with Jupiter’s good vibes on hand, it’s all happening for your highest good—and you might just end up with more money, too.

Once Libra season starts on the 23rd, the cosmic spotlight shines on how you relate to groups. If you’ve been called upon to lead, step up and accept the challenge, especially under the tender Libra new moon on the 28th. With tough Saturn in sync with the karmic south node in your net- and self-worth sector on that same day, insecurities could flare, but trust that you’re the right person for the job and have what it takes to restore harmony to the situation. Alternate scenario? An online creative project turns pro, fast! It’s an exciting problem to have, so embrace the adventure, Sagittarius!

Horoscope March 2018

Even if straight-to-the-point conversations are your default setting, your communications under the sensitive Pisces full moon on the 14th need a gentler touch. Whether you like it or not, feelings are a part of any conversation, to make sure you listen to everyone’s point of view before making a judgment. Luckily, Saturn direct in your sign on the 18th clears the air and ups your efficiency. Once Saturn syncs with the karmic south node on the 28th, you learn from the past 6 months and move forward in a way that’s both professional and proud. Thanks to a tender Libra full moon that same day, you reach a much-needed compromise that lifts a huge emotional weight.

When inspiration planets Jupiter and Neptune square off on the 21st, working on a passion project helps you heal some of the stress of the past few weeks. Once the sun moves into your career sector on the 23rd, you can parlay that into profit if you do it just right! If nothing else, it’s a confidence boost that’ll buoy you well into October.

aquarius horoscope 2019

No matter how devil-may-care your usual attitude is, a hyper sensitive Pisces full moon in your net- and self-worth sector brings out some inner demons about confidence and earning capacity that need to be banished. Fortunately, tough Saturn direct in your healing zone on the 18th kicks them out fast! Next, when party planets Jupiter and Neptune square off in the houses of your horoscope associated with long-term goals and money, you might have to delay gratification for a little while to get your budget in check.

Once the sun moves into your expansion zone on the 23rd, you’re ready to get out of your comfort zone and into exciting new projects, especially related to media and study! When Saturn aligns with the karmic south node on the 28th, you could start or add something to your spiritual practice, be it journaling, yoga, or even a little magic. With a tender Libra new moon that same day, whatever you begin mends your relationship with yourself and others, even if it’s just a small gesture.

January Horoscopes 2019 — Pisces

It’s no secret that your sign is highly sensitive, so with all eyes on your under the full moon in your sign on the 14th, it can be tough to be in the spotlight. Whatever emotions come up about whether you’re deserving or if you could have done better, try to block those out and appreciate your success. That’s especially true when lucky Jupiter in your professional sector squares off with Neptune in your sign on the 21st, but the confidence you gain now will last a lifetime.

Once Libra season starts on the 23rd, the cosmic spotlight is on intimacy. Have you been giving too much of yourself, and not getting enough in return? Or, do you feel like the people in your orbit just aren’t your tribe? When tough Saturn aligns with karmic south node on the 28th, you know the answer, even if it isn’t the one you want. Now that you’re sure, the tender Libra new moon that same day helps you adjust your boundaries to preserve your sanity. Yes, you love to be of service, but sometimes the best way to serve is to take care of yourself.

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