Farewell, Summer Fridays—September Horoscopes Are Here

Updated 05/04/19
September Horoscopes 2018

This month, we’re transitioning from logical Virgo to love-driven Libra. If there’s one thing these two signs share, it’s compassion—but the way they express it is completely different. Earthy Virgos show their care through practical actions. For example, they’re the friends who always have a Band-Aid at the ready or will take you to the airport at 5 a.m. Alternately, Libras are communicative air signs who want to tell you how much you matter to them and talk to you for hours. For the first few weeks of this month, be concrete in the ways you love others.

After Libra season starts on the 22nd, you can be more demonstrative in your affections.

The cosmic weather for this month is all clear. September puts an end to the awkward retrograde season of this summer. Once responsible Saturn and ambitious Pluto are direct (on the 6th and the 30th, respectively), things forge ahead at full speed for the first time in what feels like ages! Even better, lucky Jupiter syncs with Pluto on the 12th to give everyone a powerful opportunity. Whether it’s in your career, relationships, or spiritual journey, it’s a turning point that sets the tone for the rest of 2018.

It’s not as outspoken or dramatic as the eclipses of this summer, but it’s just as potent. Keep working behind the scenes, and you’ll be surprised how much you’re able to manifest before this month—and this year—are over!

September Horoscopes 2018 — Virgo

When Mercury, your ruling planet, moves into your sign on the 5th, you’re going to be in your element—literally! The more concrete to-dos you can cross off your list this month, the better. The new moon in your sign on the 9th enhances the effect, giving you endless energy to put toward upgrading your life. Lucky Jupiter in alignment with ambitious Pluto on the 12th helps with this, giving you a professional opportunity that almost seems like too much fun. Thanks to Mercury into your money zone on the 21st, you can talk your way into a lucrative deal.

The month closes out with an intense Aries full moon in your taboos sector on the 24th, encouraging you to talk about sex, money, and whatever else is on your mind. A best friend, therapist, or journal lends a willing ear.

Your power product: A diary. There’s plenty of therapeutic benefits to keeping a journal. Plus, what Virgo can resist a new notebook?

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September Horoscopes 2018 — Libra

You’ve got a busy month ahead, Libra! With Venus in your money zone on the 9th, any business deals or professional alliances you make this month have the universe’s blessing. A healthy Virgo new moon that same day reminds you that you’ve totally earned a vacation, so use some of that hard-earned cash toward a restorative retreat. Next, lucky Jupiter and ambitious Pluto align on the 12th to give you a local business idea that could pay off. Or, maybe you’ll find a new place to live that’s both less expensive and more beautiful!

Savvy Mercury into your sign on the 21st provides the connections you’ll need to make it happen. Once Libra season starts on the 22nd, you’ll be practically unstoppable. The month closes out with an intense Aries full moon in your partnership zone, sparking fireworks in your closest relationships. If you can control the burn, this is hot in the best way possible.

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September Horoscopes 2018 — Scorpio

We know you love privacy, but this month, mix and mingle as much as possible! With love goddess Venus into your sign on the 9th, you’re going to be in high demand. This is your chance to make the heartfelt, high-impact connections you’ve been craving. Under the Virgo new moon in your networking zone on the 9th, you’re accepted into a new group that loves you for who you are—and can help you get closer to your professional goals. Once lucky Jupiter in your sign aligns with ambitious Pluto in your community sector on the 12th, you’re going to find yourself in a whole new social circle.

The Aries full moon on the 24th builds up your confidence at work, but you will have to fight for it. Once Pluto is direct on the 30th, your colleagues will hear you loud and clear.

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September Horoscopes 2018 — Sagittarius

Under the Virgo new moon on the 9th, a serious professional win opens up a brand-new opportunity in your career. Pay attention to what happens around that time, because it could hold a clue to a fulfilling new direction for you! Intense Mars into your communication zone the following day means you’ll have to do lots of promoting and networking now, but trust us when we say it’ll be well worth it. Thanks to lucky Jupiter in sync with ambitious Pluto on the 12th, you’re able to ink a deal that’s as magical as it is lucrative.

Later, on the 24th, a motivating Aries full moon in your artistic sector revs up your creative imagination. Overall, don’t be afraid to make big wishes this month. They just might come true!

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September Horoscopes 2018 — Capricorn

If you’ve been feeling like everything is a grind, you’re going to love this month! Responsibility planet Saturn direct in your sign on the 6th relieves some of the pressure, and a Virgo new moon in your risk-taking sector on the 9th encourages you to go on an adventure. It’s okay to have a little fun every now and then, Capricorn! When ambition planets Jupiter and Pluto align on the 12th, you find a group or professional network that can help you inch a little bit closer to accomplishing one of your big career dreams.

Later, an intense Aries full moon in the 24th turns your attention to home, family, emotions, and the ladies in your life. Pluto direct in your sign on the 30th unclogs your psyche and helps any stuck feelings get washed away so you can start fresh. By the time September’s over, you feel brand-new.

Your power product: A peel-off mask. You’re doing plenty of inner cleansing this month, so make sure your skin follows suit!

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September Horoscopes 2018 — Aquarius

Your sign is the zodiac’s visionary, so you’re no stranger to thinking long-term. This month, the Virgo new moon on the 9th gives you the opportunity to make an investment in your future, one that will seriously pay off. Intense Mars into your sign the following day gives you the motivation you’ll need to make this plan a reality. When ambition planets Jupiter and Pluto align on the 12th, you could get a career offer that’s a game changer, but one you’ll have to keep private for a little while. Alternately, it could be one that’s way more in line with your beliefs about life, philanthropy, and the world!

Wait until the Aries full moon on in your communication zone on the 24th to spread the word. Your true friends will be so happy for you.

Your power product: Strawberries. You might have butterflies in your stomach midmonth, but eating this fruit can help with gut health!

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September Horoscopes 2018 — Pisces

There’s a Virgo full moon in your partnership zone on the 9th, so get ready to enter a whole new chapter with your closest comrades! Virgo is the zodiac’s editor, so this might involve saying goodbye to someone who isn’t on your team anymore, but if that does happen, trust that it will make space for someone who’s totally perfect for you. Meanwhile, lucky Jupiter and ambitious Pluto align on the 12th to help you make connections that will help catapult you into an exciting new adventure. Whether it’s a far-away trip or a reach goal, the Aries full moon in your value sector on the 24th affirms that it’s totally within your grasp.

Even if it’s not your default setting, be bold and go after what you want!

Your power product: A standing mirror. You’re going to be doing lots of reflecting this month, so make sure you’re seeing your whole self with this gorgeous piece of décor.

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September Horoscopes 2018 — Aries

Under the Virgo new moon in your health sector on the 9th, it’s time to upgrade your exercise and nutrition habits! If you’ve fallen into a rut when it comes to your workout of choice or your go-to meals, switch things up by trying a new class or recipe. Tweaking the details will make all the difference. With Mars returning to your friendship zone on the 10th, you might find it easier to stick to your new wellness plans if you have the accountability of a like-minded group. Or, maybe it’s that you’ll need to make sure you’re as energetic as possible so you can take on a new leadership challenge when lucky Jupiter syncs with powerful Pluto in the most ambitious houses of your horoscope on the 12th!

Whatever you decide, you’ll feel like a totally new you by the time the full moon lights up your sign on the 24th.

Your power product: A yoga mat. It’s an easy go-to exercise, and it’ll keep your stress levels down once Mars moves into your career zone!

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September Horoscopes 2018 — Taurus

The stars are aligned to bless your love life this month, Taurus! With romance planet Venus into your partnership sector on the 9th, you’re definitely going to feel amorous. A Virgo new moon in your pleasure zone that same day helps you get your mind off work and enjoy your more sensual side. You’ll have to pull off a bit of a balancing act when Mars revs up your career sector the following day, but you can multitask! On the 12th, lucky Jupiter aligns with ambitious Pluto to deliver an opportunity to accomplish way more if you pair up.

Not sure if you’re ready for that kind of commitment? Do some soul-searching under Aries full moon on the 24th, and you’ll find the answers you’re looking for.

Your power product: Silk. Whether it’s a scarf or a curtain, a bit of this smooth fabric encapsulates this month’s sensuous mood.

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September Horoscopes 2018 — Gemini

As one of the three air signs, you usually try to think through things logically rather than lean on intuition—but when Mercury moves into your emotions zone on the 5th, your instincts take over! A new moon in the same area of your horoscope on the 9th helps you sort through your feelings, especially about home, family, and the past. You’ll want to make sure any loose ends are tied up so you can focus on the future on the 12th when lucky Jupiter and ambitious Pluto align to bring you a professional connection that could pay off down the road.

Once Mercury enters your creativity sector on the 21st, don’t be afraid to advocate for your art. Under the Aries full moon on the 24th, you’ll have the chance to share it with a brand new audience!

Your power product: Hibiscus tea. You’ll love its fruity flavor and hot-pink color! Plus, it’s non-caffeinated, which should help keep your mood level steady.

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September Horoscopes 2018 — Cancer

Since the self-protective crab is your sign’s symbol, we know you prefer to keep things to yourself—but when the Virgo new moon lights up your communication zone on the 9th, get out of your comfort zone and share! People in your community love you and want to hear from you. Intense Mars returns to your intimacy sector on the 10th to remind you that opening up isn’t your strong suit, but practice makes perfect. After all, isn’t it exhilarating to let people get a glimpse of your true self? Once lucky Jupiter and potent Pluto align in your relationship houses on the 12th, your willingness to stay open will bring you a gorgeous new partnership.

Finally, an Aries full moon in your ambitious tenth house on the 24th closes out the month on a high note.

Your power product: A cookie jar. It never hurts to have sweets on hand to share with new friends!

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September Horoscopes 2018 — Leo

On the 9th, the Virgo new moon in your value sector arrives to build up your bank account—and your confidence! Your net worth and your self-worth are both set to experience some serious growth, so make sure you have a plan in place for how to make the most of it. Lucky Jupiter in sync with ambitious Pluto on the 12th helps with this, showing you which local markets, communities, and businesses could most use your services or ideas. Once the sun enters Libra, be bold and get the word out! Self-promotion goes a long way over the next month.

Once the Aries full moon lights up your expansion zone on the 24th, don’t be afraid to step into uncharted territory. Whether it’s a vacation or a project in a new field, you’ll love where you end up.

Your power product: A clipboard. You’ll be doing a lot of networking this month, so showcase your work on something that captures a hint of your style.

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