This Is How Successful Women Transition Into Fall

September marks the official end of summer and the start of the busy fall and winter months. For these reasons, many people spend the ninth month of the year lamenting the end of summer and, by extension, life as we know it. Traditionally the “back to school” month, September still manages to carry that wistful, back-to-business vibe, even well after you’ve graduated from academic life. But instead of viewing September as the grinch who stole summer, try approaching it the way you approach January: with a blank slate, an open heart, and a list of resolutions.

Such is the premise of a recent post from New York Magazine’s Science of Us, which delves into the positive aspects of a good seasonal refresh. Dubbed the “fresh start effect” by a team of researchers from the University of Pennsylvania, these transition periods mark a time when people are more likely to step back, set goals, and look at the bigger picture. Fortunately, you can make September one of these productive transition periods by simply shifting your attitude.

“September is your second chance [for 2016 resolutions],” writes NY Mag’s Melissa Dahl. “Sure, maybe you did not make a ton of progress over the summer on the book you’re writing (or whatever), but that was summer you. This is September you! A whole new you.” To adopt this “new year, new me” mentality for your post–Labor Day self, try adopting a new workout routine or giving your home a seasonal refresh with our go-to décor picks for fall.

How do you plan on jump-starting fall 2016? Share your plans in the comments below.