Important Boundaries to Set With Your Boss

It's a beautiful (but unfortunately rare) thing to have a healthy relationship with your boss. After all, you do spend a majority of your time with them, like it or not. In today's hyperconnected world, you're most likely answering to your boss more often than you should, which includes nights, weekends, and even vacation days. The pressure to always be available to answer work demands is causing an unhealthy level of stress (and even leading to more serious ailments like heart disease, depression, and obesity), and it's so common that it has been granted an official name: telepressure. Telepressure is a prolonged state of stress that prohibits you from the ability to disengage from work. As you could probably guess, the side effects are not pretty. By sacrificing your personal life for your professional one, you're jeopardizing your health, sanity, and important relationships with loved ones. In light of this discovery, Inc. recently released an article that clearly outlines the kind of boundaries you should be setting with your employer to ultimately ensure your own success. See what you DON'T owe your boss below.

Your pride. As soon as you begin to have personal consequences for things you're setting aside due to professional demands, you need to be able to identify it and put an end to whatever is causing you harm, emotionally or even physically (we all know too much time staring at a computer can ruin your eyesight). You need to be open with your boss about unrealistic expectations (outside of your job description, of course), and if they're not willing to see your side, it might be the end of your relationship. Certain breakups are better for you in the long run.

Your personality. It's extremely necessary to be able to have a life outside of the office. It's normal for your professional life to play a certain role in your identity, but once you start to notice that it's taking over your life (i.e. it's the only thing you can possibly think about), it's time to be honest with yourself about who you are and who you want to be, and set that apart from what you do.

Your relationships. Sometimes it's easy to confuse success with happiness. Of course supporting your family with your career might be a necessity, but if your job is prohibiting you from spending any time with them, is it worth it? Some day, you might regret all those late nights at the office, but we're betting you won't be sorry about taking the time to make valuable memories with those who matter to you most, even if it costs you a tiny bit (of money) in the long run.

For three more valuable things you don't owe your boss, head over to Inc., and while you're at it, check out this work/life balance secret that will change your life. For a reminder to put your personal life first, keep a memory in this fun frame from Jonathan Adler on your desk.

Do you agree with these boundaries? What else would you add to the list of things you don't owe your boss? Tell us in the comments below.