7 Things You Should Know About Sex, According to Science


Original Illustration by Stephanie DeAngelis

Besides the reason Mother Nature intended, sex has so many more personal health and happiness benefits than you might think. Did you know that having sex when you're older is good for your health? Or that women want it just as much as men? (Actually, you probably did already know about that one.) The only issue with sex is that we don't talk about it enough. The typically taboo topic often makes us blush at the mere utterance of the word, but it's time to break free from our sheepish shackles and be empowered by it—these surprising things will make you sexier.

So in that vein, we're starting our own sex education and highlighting seven key things everyone should know about sex, backed by science. From the positions to the personality traits that increase your chances, we guarantee you'll learn something new about this intimate act we all love.