In Case You Were Wondering: A Sex Therapist Shares the 7 Most Asked Questions

Sex is hardly as taboo as it once was, but for many couples, talking about their wants and needs can still be awkward or uncomfortable. "If you can't talk about sex with your partner, then your sex life probably isn't going to last very long," admits Ava Cadell, Ph.D., a clinical sexologist and a certified sex counselor. "Couples will come to me having not even discussed basic issues like when they like to have sex, turn-ons and turnoffs, their fantasies and sexual boundaries, or deal breakers."

Curious about what it's like to meet with a sex therapist? Cadell asks clients to fill out a questionnaire about their sexual well-being and habits, as well as a "love list" of the things they like about each other, would improve, and consider deal breakers, to read aloud in the session. "There is a myth that a sex therapist or counselor will take sides or be judgmental about sexual behavior that is different," she says. "Nothing could be further from the truth. Many people come simply to get permission to do certain sexual activities that turn them on."

Ahead we asked Cadell to reveal the most common questions she gets asked and the answers. Keep scrolling in case you were wondering.