This Is What Carrie Bradshaw's Upper East Side Apartment Would Look Like Today


Getty Images/Getty Images 

It's officially been 20 years since the first episode of Sex and the City aired back in 1998. Since then, we watched as Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha's lives (and fashion sense) changed throughout the years. In addition to their evolving love lives, careers, and clothing choices, it's safe to assume that their home décor styles changed with the times as well. Twenty years later, we couldn't help but wonder what Carrie Bradshaw's apartment would look like today.

Interior design startup Modsy had the same question in mind when they recently reimagined how Carrie's Upper East Side apartment would look in 2018. They took the liberty of redecorating the iconic piece of NYC real estate for Carrie and even imagined how the rest of the girls would decorate the space if they moved in. Take a look at the refreshed apartment below and shop a few of the products found inside to get the look for yourself.