We're Still Not Over All the Things Carrie Bradshaw Said in the '90s

We’re still not over the remarks Carrie Bradshaw made regarding beige furniture in the 1990s. There might exist no greater quip to an ex’s unmitigated emotional roller-coaster behavior than the iconic babe’s line “Go lay in your beige bed.” Bradshaw had many pearls of wisdom to impart over her reign as series narrator for six consecutive seasons of HBO’s Sex and the City. Her words still echo in the recesses of our minds. Words about running around town buying Big Macs in berets only to realize the exquisite pain of loving someone, something, some shoes you can never truly possess.

Blame it on the resurgence of all things ’90s in the zeitgeist, but we’re waxing nostalgic on the best one-liners from the show that had a ripple effect on single culture throughout the decade. As a character, Bradshaw walked the tightrope between aspirational and relatable, wildly cool and deeply flawed. We miss her. To tip our hats (and heels) to the babe who was, here’s a countdown of our very favorite things she ever said.