The Surprising Truth About Age and One's Sexual Quality of Life

While in many ways, getting older is associated with improved quality of life, when it comes to sex, the opposite has been reported to be true. But according to a new paper published in the Journal of Sexual Research, with the wisdom of age, so too is gained wisdom in bed and positive attributes that develop with getting older—such as being more conscientious and trusting—contribute to a better sex life.

The research team, led by University of Minnesota postdoc Miri Forbes, analyzed data on 6000 individuals ages 20 to 93 from the responses to survey questions completed by mail in 1995, 2003, and 2013. They discussed their findings on The Conversation, describing how outlooks on sex and sexual priorities shifted as people aged. There was more "thought and effort" put into sexuality and more attention to pleasing one's partner. When older adults were compared to their juniors, they were shown to have a "better sexual quality of life."

These findings were especially true for individuals in long-term romantic relationships. "Sexual wisdom," as Forbes and her team coin the term, comes with experience—learning about and paying attention to their own sexual preferences as well as their partners' likes and dislikes.

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