Answered: Everything You Want to Know About Sex But Are Too Afraid to Ask

Shan Boodram is a force of nature. Confidence and self-assurance literally ooze from her every pore, and when we met in her L.A. apartment for this shoot, it was at once enviable and contagious. It begged us all on set that day to ask the question: When did we lose a sense of our sexuality and, more importantly, how do we get back in touch with it? We came a little closer to the answer when we asked Boodram (aka Shan Boody) what sexuality is to her. "It's the why—it's creation," she says knowingly. "Sexuality is the river below the city—always flowing and powering momentum even when you forget it's there." See what we mean?

In a bid to further explore this concept, we reached out to you, our dear MyDomaine readers, to send through some of the sex questions you were too afraid to ask, and quite honestly, we were blown away by the scope and variety (many of which we've been too shy to ask ourselves). But we're not alone in our modesty. A whopping 65% of women can't even say the word vagina. So how do we get over the awkwardness around sex and start talking about our sexuality more openly? We'll let Boodram explain.

"Everyone has their own unique entry point, and they have to want to find it," she stresses. "If you've never been to the gym before but you knew the only way to start would be a hard-core 90-minute cardio circuit, you probably wouldn't go. You have to start where it feels inviting and intriguing to you. If you're not ready to say vagina maybe you're ready to read a romance novel, then maybe you're ready to take a hot yoga class, then a pole-dancing class. Just place yourself in an environment that reminds you of or hints at your sensuality. Then keep inching forward until you realize what we all already knew: You were born to own your sexuality and reap the benefits of all that power and love it has to offer."

Now that's a message we can all get behind. Watch the video below of Boodram answering all the sex questions you were too afraid to ask, and then keep scrolling to learn more about what a sexologist actually does and how she got into this line of work.