Sexting Might Be the Key to a Healthy Relationship

Updated 09/23/16
W Magazine

Sexting may not be as illicit as you think. A new report from Refinery 29 offers the idea that sexting is "as much a part of modern monogamy as it is a part of hookup culture."

To prove her point, the writer cites a 2011 study that found that sexting is more common among people in committed relationships than in singles. Researchers surveyed 459 heterosexual undergrads about how much commitment they needed before they felt comfortable sexting, and found that what they hypothesized—that individuals who are insecure in intimate relationships are more likely to sext—was in fact not true. Instead, people who were more secure in their "attachment styles" were more likely to sext.

"What this tells us is that people may be concerned with pleasing their partner's desire — or perceived desire — to engage in sexting, and that it is the comfort with intimacy in relationships that may allow sexting to occur," wrote one of the study's researchers, Rob Weisskirch. "And, when there is greater relationship commitment, this continues to be the case."

The article goes on to point out that sexting, which is usually associated with millennials, is actually quite common among adults and can be highly beneficial in committed relationships. A 2015 study found that more than 80% of its participants had sexted within the year and that sexting was associated with "relationship satisfaction."

"This research indicates that sexting is a prevalent behavior that adults engage in for a variety of reasons," the study reads. "Although the relationship between sexting and relationship satisfaction requires further attention, these findings indicate a robust relationship between sexting and sexual satisfaction."

That sexting is so beneficial for people in relationships shouldn't come as much of a surprise. Couples are constantly searching for new ways to spice up their relationships, and technology has played a major role in adding to a couple’s bedroom repertoire. It also usually means that the act of sexting is consensual and reciprocated, which of course is an essential part to any healthy sexting relationship.

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