These Are America's Sexiest Cities—Did Yours Make the Cut?

As if New York's major appeal was in doubt, now the city's been named the country's sexiest by Playboy. The magazine gathered information from two separate polls that looked at metrics around nightlife, general lifestyle habits, and "an undercurrent of desire." So while it isn't exactly scientific, we have to agree with the results. So what makes New York City rank No. 1 on the listPlayboy says it's because the city's residents are "hot" and into "kinky" things. Coming in close at No. 2 on the list is Los Angeles; third is Chicago; and San Diego, Portland, Miami, San Francisco, Boston, Seattle and Las Vegas all made the top 10.

To read more about which cities made the sexy list, visit The Huffington Post.

Do you agree with the list? Which city do you think is the sexiest in America? Tell us in the comments.