Couples Who Do This One Thing Have Happier Relationships and Get Better Sleep


Christian Vierig/Getty

Sometimes the answer to a happier relationship and a better night's sleep is in the little things. According to research being presented at the 2017 Society for Personality and Social Psychology Annual Convention, the simple act of sharing good news with your partner can have a mutually positive effect on your overall well-being. "The study adds to a larger body of literature that supports how important it is to share with your partner when good things happen, as well as to respond positively to the sharing of good news," says Gonzaga University's Sarah Arpin, a social psychologist and one of the study's researchers.

Arpin and her colleagues examined relationships between military couples in Oregon and found that supportive, responsive partners helped to reduce loneliness and sleep deficits. Sharing good news is an important support process in close relationships. "When you share something good, and the recipient of information is actively happy for you, it heightens the positive experience for both parties," says Arpin. On the other hand, if the relationship is lacking the communication of positive news or a partner is unsupportive, this behavior will have detrimental effects on both the individuals and the relationship. As Arpin puts it, "When someone 'rains on your parade,' that can have negative consequences."

While the study's participants were a clearly defined subset of the population, the takeaway sends a healthy message to all couples. Communication is key in any relationship, and actively sharing and supporting good news with your partner open these communication channels while also being a way to actively show your care and commitment.

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