Sharon Stone's Gorgeous Home Has French Château Vibes

Updated 10/26/18
Tierney Gearon for Architectural Digest

It's not unusual for celebrities to describe their homes as a retreat from the world, but when actress Sharon Stone purchased her house 25 years ago, it was a literal place to escape. Basic Instinct had just hit the big screen, and Stone became a superstar overnight—her modest abode just didn't cut it. "All of a sudden, there were crazy stalkers trying to get into my house. The police were there all the time, until they finally had enough," she told Architectural Digest.

Safety aside, Stone's stunning home is decorated to feel like a retreat, too. Verdant ivy climbs up the façade of the house, framing French windows and creating a romantic backdrop for the ornate chandelier that hangs over the patio. Inside, Stone and interior designer Douglas Truesdale tried to create a regal space. "I worked with a château restorer to give the place texture and a sense of history. We installed an antique-tile floor from Agra in the powder room off the foyer and brought in the dining-room floor from a château in Switzerland," she says in the April issue of AD.

"I also put in the moldings, mantels, and other architectural details that are so essential to the integrity of the space."

Tierney Gearon for Architectural Digest

It's clear Truesdale and Stone are kindred spirits. "Sharon is an artist with a capital A. Whether it's acting or photography or decorating, she always brings incredible energy and creativity to the table," Truesdale says. "She's a sponge of visual information, and she can tap into all of it when we're designing."

"Douglas and I were born collaborators," says Stone. "We have a blast together." At first glance of the gorgeous images of her home, we can certainly tell.

Tierney Gearon for Architectural Digest

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