This Luxurious Bed Linen Is Discounted, So You Can Have a Good Night's Sleep

Updated 11/14/18

As any health expert will tell you, sleep is essential and having good bed linen can help ensure a good night's rest. Sheridan has a wide range of well-made bed linen and thanks to this year's online-only Click Frenzy sale, it's all 40% off.

Sheets made from rich Egyptian cotton, light linen blends and even sateen are all currently discounted, so if you're in the market for some sheets or are craving a deeper sleep, Sheridan has got you covered. 

If you're not sure what blend you'd prefer, take a look at our Click Frenzy picks below to help find the fabric that's perfect for you.


Sheridan 1000tc Hotel Luxury Fitted Sheet $280 $168

These sheets will make you feel like you're on a luxury holiday. 

Sheridan Abbotson Linen Flat Sheet $330 $198

Linen fabric stabilises its temperature which means it'll keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. 

Sheridan Cranbrook Sheet Set $330 $198

Simple, elegant and beyond comfortable.

Sheridan 300tc Classic Percale Sheet Set $350 $210

This fine cotton will feel like you're sleeping in your favourite jumper. 

Sheridan 1200TC Millennia Flat Sheet $350 $210

With such a high thread count, you're never going to want to get out of bed. 

Sheridan Organic Cotton Sheet Set $370 $222

There's nothing like some fresh organic cotton to get you to sleep fast. 

Sheridan Abbotson Linen Fitted Sheet $380 $228

Linen fitted sheets only get softer the more you wash them. 

Sheridan 400tc Soft Sateen Sheet Set $400 $240

Sleeping in sateen is as luxurious as it gets. 

Sheridan 500tc Egyptian Blend Sheet Set $430 $258

Egyptian cotton blend sheets are the comfiest you'll ever use. 

Sheridan 600tc Shawcraft Sheet Set $500 $300

Low on thread count but still incredibly comfortable.  

Opening Image: Talisa Sutton 

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