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Sherwin-Williams Selects This Cool and Collected Hue for the Color of the Year 2022

Sitting room with lots of plants and Evergreen Fog painted on walls.

Courtesy of Vintage Revivals

As a paint brand, picking the color of the year is no easy feat. It is your job to select an all-encompassing shade that is set to define and inspire the upcoming year. But, we think Sherwin-Williams nailed their 2022 color selection, as it seems to perfectly celebrate new beginnings and humble comforts.

Sherwin-Williams selects Evergreen Fog as their 2022 Color of the Year, a calming and sophisticated gray-green hue. The brand notes that the shade is a breath of freshness after years of cool neutrals (looking at you, all-gray interiors) and bold jewel tones. Evergreen Fog, with its neutrality yet impactful coloring, welcomes a new era of color trends. It follows suit with several picks of green hues from other paint companies as the defining color of 2022.

Neutral modern living room with Evergreen Fog paint on walls.

Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams

According to Sue Wadden, the director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams, trending neutrals are slowly changing course in a warmer direction, with terracotta, green, and brown tones at the forefront. Greens are undeniably increasing in popularity, as homeowners now desire a bit more creativity in their homes.

"We’ve been seeing that neutrals are warming up, sustainability and organic living are key design trends, and organic textiles and natural materials are currently huge in home and design," Wadden tells MyDomaine. "People are leaning into creative expression and are more open to using color in their homes. Specifically, there’s been rising interest in greens."

The green color family is so diverse, from calming rich sages like Evergreen Fog to earthier tones and more dramatic emeralds, Wadden notes. These trends, plus additional research, helped Evergreen Fog emerge as a clear choice for the 2022 Color of the Year.

Their previous selection for 2021, Urbane Bronze, represented sanctuary and security, according to the brand. Sherwin-Williams is now moving toward revitalization and growth with the choice of Evergreen Fog.

Rustic bedroom with Evergreen Fog painted shiplap on walls.

Courtesy of Thislewood Farms

The shade is soothing, subtle, and easy to incorporate anywhere in the home, including the exterior. Wadden notes that this grey-green is suitable for a variety of design styles as well, from modern organic to art deco.

"Evergreen Fog is such a versatile color that it can be paired with any style of design or décor to help create your desired mood for each room," Wadden says. "It serves as a sophisticated backdrop for a home office and is a soothing hue for spaces where you want to relax, like a living room or bedroom."

This composed color lends itself well to many areas of home design, Wadden continues.

“For interiors, it’s a really fresh take on cabinet storage in a kitchen or mudroom, and it makes for a beautiful statement shade in a bathroom," she shares. "It’s also a beautiful color for exteriors, either as a mid-tone for the whole home or colorful accent on a front door, shutters, or trim."