Sherwin Williams Picked "The World's Most Relaxing" Hue as Their 2020 Color of the Year

kitchen with navy cabinets

Sherwin Williams

Every year as summer fades into fall and the leaves start to change from green to fiery red, the design world sets its sights on the new year to come. That's right, we're squarely in Color of the Year season, and Sherwin Williams is the latest paint brand to reveal the shade they think will reign supreme in 2020.

Their choice? Naval SW 6244, a rich, striking navy blue that pairs well with luxe finishes, including marble and metallics, but still feels totally accessible, especially if relaxation is important to you.

"Navy has been named the “world’s most relaxing color” by researchers so it no doubt creates a sense of tranquility," Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams tells MyDomaine. "But beyond that, it inspires a quiet confidence and feels extremely welcoming to visitors."

navy paint swatch
Sherwin Williams

There's also something extra special about this year's Color of the Year, as it will set the tone for a whole new decade.

"As we enter a new decade, paint and design are moving in the direction of the mantra, 'do what makes you feel good.' As we researched trends across the globe—from fashion and pop culture, to lifestyle trends—the concept of self-care and wellbeing rose to the top," Wadden explains. "This navy is striking and opulent yet calming. We looked to the stars and found our Color of the Year in the deep night sky."

bedroom with navy walls
Sherwin Williams

The shade's connection to the night sky coupled with navy's inherent relaxing qualities make Naval particularly well suited for bedroom walls, but it looks just as stunning on kitchen cabinets or living room walls as well. Its versatility doesn't stop there though, it's also a hue that plays well with just about any color or style you may already have at home.

"I like to think of it as a “new neutral.” Beiges, grays and whites are wonderful and easy to use, but using a deep navy creates a grounding and calming environment" Wadden tells MyDomaine. "Plus, it goes with everything. One of my favorite color combos right now is pairing Naval with black and white to give the classic color combination a modern twist."

living room
Sherwin Williams

Wadden predicts that the next decade will bring a shift towards bolder, more personal decorating choices, a change that Naval can help usher in.

"To me, Naval feels calm and grounding, yet luxurious. Not a lot of colors have that duplicity," Wadden says. "Navy has always been around—it’s timeless—but as we usher in a new decade of change, it’s the perfect chance to embrace bold color in a new way in our homes."

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