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Sherwin Williams Picked a Rich, Calming, Nostalgic Hue as Their 2021 Color of the Year

bedroom with dark bronze wall and white nook area

Sherwin Williams

Every year as summer fades into fall and the leaves start to change from green to fiery red, the design world sets its sights on the new year to come. That's right, we're squarely in Color of the Year season, and Sherwin Williams is the latest paint brand to reveal the shade they think will reign supreme in 2021.

Their choice? Urbane Bronze SW 7048, a rich, neutral bronze with warm undertones that's as well suited to interiors as it is to exteriors.

“The home is now the ultimate retreat from the world, and color is an easy and effective way to create a personal haven,” says Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams. “Urbane Bronze encourages you to create a sanctuary space for mindful reflection and renewal.” 

Recognizing that people are spending more and more time at home, the Sherwin Williams team wanted to choose a shade that could truly make any home feel more comforting and welcoming. And a color that feels at once bold and understated, like Urbane Bronze, made for the perfect choice.

Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze
Sherwin Williams

“Urbane Bronze is a comforting color, drawing from nature for a feeling of relaxation and serenity,” Wadden explains. “There’s also reassurance in its sentimentality, with nostalgic ties to the design of the ‘70s and ‘90s, but with gray undertones that give it a distinctly modern twist.” 

That modernity is echoed in the shade's more personality-packed aspects as well. Sherwin Williams recognizes that the new decade has made consumers more interested in rich colors that tie in to their personal tastes.

dark bronze wall next to fireplace
Sherwin Williams

Sherwin Williams describes the shade as a "new neutral," thanks in part to how versatile it is. Wadden notes that the color is a great choice for bedrooms, living rooms, even home offices, as long as you style it right.

“Complement the simplicity of Urbane Bronze with natural materials—like wood finishes, organic stone accents or woven textiles—and a variety of mixed metals to create a serene space grounded in nature,” Wadden recommends. 

living room with dark bronze wall
Sherwin Williams

Wadden predicts that the 2020s will continue to bring a shift towards these bolder decorating choices that add nature-inspired elements to our homes, a change that Urbane Bronze can help usher in.

“Urbane Bronze is just one more way to bring in nature through design," she says. "It works well with other elements of biophilic design, including large, light-filled spaces and indoor greenery.”