This Is the Paint Color of 2017, According to Sherwin-Williams

Selecting a paint color for your home can be overwhelming—the sheer number of swatches alone can be enough to set your home project back another six months. Which is why we're always open to some insight on the subject from our favorite color curators. Most recently, Sherwin-Williams announced Poised Taupe (SW 6039) as the unequivocal paint color of 2017. A seamless blend of warm and cool cones, Poised Taupe is "one irresistibly versatile color," according to the press release

This is a somewhat moody departure from Sherwin-Williams's 2016 pick, Alabaster White, which was both praised and criticized as an almost non-color that goes with everything. Poised Taupe, on the other hand, is more of a gray-brown mashup that, while still a neutral color, packs a considerably more powerful punch than its 2016 predecessor. "Poised Taupe celebrates everything people love about cool gray as a neutral, and also brings in the warmth of brown, taking a color to an entirely new level," said Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams, in the press release. "Not cool or warm, nor gray or brown, Poised Taupe is a weathered, woodsy neutral bringing a sense of coziness and harmony that people are seeking."

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