19 Shoe Storage Ideas That Would Make Even Carrie Bradshaw Jealous

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When was the last time you stepped over discarded shoes when you walked into your front door? If the answer is "always," we know exactly how you feel. It's easy to just toss your shoes in a pile when you get home, but that smelly pile of sneakers and flats is unsightly and, well, simply not a pleasant first sight when you come home every day.

While you probably already spend time hanging and organizing your clothes, setting up the perfect shoe organization system might not be at the top of your list. But instead of digging through a mountain of shoes to find a pair every morning, the right shoe storage system will help keep your home and closet clutter-free and save you time.

Read on for some of our favorite shoe storage ideas, no matter how much space you have in your home.

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Try An Entryway Solution

Whether you store your shoes in your entryway or your bedroom closet is a matter of taste, but there are some shoes that just make sense closer to the door (like rain boots or running shoes). We love this simple, streamlined and upgraded IKEA piece that is perfect for even the tiniest entryways.

The rustic wood top is perfect for tossing keys and knick-knacks, and the small footprint allows you to store a handful of pairs without taking up much precious real estate.

White hemnes shoe storage
Ikea Hemnes Shoe Cabinet $99.00
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Use Your Top Closet Shelves

Most of us have a shelf in our closet that we hate reaching up to use. While this space is typically less conducive to storing clothing, it's a great place to store formal shoes and get them off the ground. While adding shoe boxes is a worthwhile additional step for very expensive pairs, lining your shoes up on a shelf is usually enough to keep them safe and make it easy for you to access them.

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Use Shoe Cubbies for Kids

This adorable idea for kids' shoes is perfect for a mudroom or play area, and a great way to encourage your kids to start polishing their organizational skills early. When it comes to kids' shoes, opt for a solution that's just as easy to maintain as it is aesthetically pleasing. Any organizational solution is only as good as your (or your kids') ability to keep up with it.

Shoe cubbies
The Container Store 12-Pair Shoe Organizer $40.00
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Consider a Multi-Use Storage System

Sure, a shoe rack is fine and dandy, but they aren't always the most aesthetically pleasing solution, especially for an open entryway or mudroom. We love the idea of using a rustic entryway shelf to hide a pair or two of your shoes without taking over the space.

Look for consoles with a small shelf or a drawer where you can easily tuck away that pair of gym shoes for your early morning run.

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Check Out These Shoe Holders

If you want a streamlined solution that you can use in any closet or mudroom, these plastic shoe holders are a great way to go. They're affordable and perfect for an extra shelf in your closet or even on top of a bookshelf for extra organization. This allows you to utilize your vertical space without sacrificing tidiness and order.

Shoe storage
The Container Store Shoe Holders $6.00
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Create the Walk-In of Your Dreams

If you have the space, this luxe shoe storage idea is for you. Consider using high-end bookcases in your walk-in closet to show off your shoe collection. Not only does this look more attractive, but the right piece can look built-in instead of simply added to your space.

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Use Baskets to Keep It Tidy

When used incorrectly, a basket filled with shoes can look cluttered and unkempt, but this beautiful mudroom storage solution is a great alternative to traditional shoe storage. Using wicker baskets here is an attractive way to keep your mudroom tidy, but is also easy to maintain, even for the laziest home organizer.

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Repurpose an Attic Space

If you have an attic space that isn't getting much love, consider transforming it into a stunning walk-in closet or dressing room. This beautiful space is the perfect place to store all of those shoes you've been hoarding for years.

While built-ins are ideal, you can replicate this look with well-placed bookshelves throughout the space.

White bookcase
Threshold 72" Carson 5 Shelf Bookcase $155.00
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Craft the Perfect Mudroom

A great mudroom is key to an organized home, and the right one can make shoe organization a breeze. This beautiful hunter green entryway piece features a shelving system perfect for muddy or wet shoes to easily air out and dry rather than being tracked around the house.

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Highlight a Sneaker Collection

Whether you're redoing a closet system or simply organizing one you already have, adding a shelving unit just for your sneaker collection is a great way to see everything you have to choose from right in front of your eyes.

Closet system for organization
ClosetMaid SuiteSymphony Closet System $160.00
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Keep Shoes Safe With Shoe Boxes

Clear shoe boxes are a great idea for anyone who wants to protect your collection from dust and smudges while still allowing you the ability to see your shoes. This storage system is great for closet shelving or under the bed.

Clear shoe boxes
The Container Store Clear Stackable Small Shoe Drawer $10.00
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Consider Minimal Basket Storage

Sometimes the simplest option is the best one. If you are looking for a way to store shoes without a closet remodel, a few boho-inspired baskets by your front door can act as quick and easy shoe storage. This can be a great way to store shoes before you take them to your closet to organize.

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Install a Pegboard

Pegboards are such a versatile material for basically any room in your house (even your kitchen), so we love the idea of using one to store and organize your shoe collection. This is a great idea for a bedroom or mudroom.

Match the color of the pegboard to your wall for a seamless look.

White pegboard
Lowes 1-Piece Hardboard Pegboard $21.00
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Have a Custom Piece Built for Your Space

We love this custom shoe storage piece, which is perfect for entryways or foyers. It provides just enough storage for a few key pairs of shoes but doesn't take up valuable floor real estate. Check out Etsy or reach out to your local woodworker for a custom organizer that fits your needs.

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Install Drawers Just for Shoes

Who says drawers only hold clothes? These shoe drawers are actually hidden under a staircase for out-of-sight storage that's perfect for your entire shoe collection. If professionally installed shoe drawers aren't for you, consider repurposing an old dresser or filing cabinet for your shoes instead.

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Fall in Love With This Rustic Wall Unit

Here's another bespoke solution that is perfect for fans of the modern farmhouse look. Think outside the box and rummage through your local thrift store or flea market for a piece that can be repurposed to hold and display shoes.

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Use a Clear Shelf to Store Your Shoes

This clear shelving unit is perfect for storing shoes. Not only does it provide enough shelf space for your entire collection, but the clear material provides a low profile look that blends in with any space. Opt for clear plastic or glass to get this look.

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Install a New Closet System

Sometimes the best solutions require a little elbow grease. This beautiful closet is what dreams are made of, and will make you excited to get ready in the morning. We love the dedicated shoe drawer, which works for both formal and casual pairs.

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Go Luxe With This Beautiful Closet

Looking for an easy solution that looks incredibly fancy and high end? These cabinets with glass doors are a great solution for keeping your shoes clean and dust-free (and elevating your closet style). The glass doors allow you to easily view your collection without digging around for the right pair.

White cabinet with glass doors
Ophelia & Co. Jaylin Storage Cabinet $280.00