Shop The Room: Bazaar Love Triangle

When used in the same sentence, the words 'concrete' and 'room' usually conjure notions of hard time. But if loving this Moroccan kitchen is a crime, then we're more than willing to confess. The space is part of a holiday rental owned and designed by British ex-pat Emma Wilson (who also helms the textile company Beldi Rugs), and the residence is available to rent through UK company Air Space Locations. It's set in the fishing village of Sidi Kauki outside of the unspoilt coastal town of Essaouira--not a bad place to spend your holiday--but if your travel budget doesn't stretch for that trip this summer, we've got three ways to channel the look at home. SOFTEN THE EDGES: In the world of interiors, concrete is trending, so the fact that the material is applied wall-to-wall and finished with a monumental dining room table to match is a promising start. But it's the way the industrial backdrop is warmed up by wood beams (wood accents such as outsized cutting boards or barstools would have a similar effect too) that results in this space's welcoming, multi-textural tone. POPS OF YOU-KNOW-WHAT: This gray cube is brought to life via accents of red (a vibrant shelf center stage), hot pink (a single but salient note courtesy of a serving bowl) and yellow (an array of servingware positioned up high to draw the eye). Thanks to the blank slate created by the sea of gray, a little goes a long way in converting a would-be Spartan feel to a lively one. MIX THOROUGHLY: Traditional Moroccan tagines and a tea set share space with a retro advertisement, homemade-feeling paintings, and straight-out-of-Brooklyn exposed wire pendant lights, resulting in a diverse and curated-feeling group of accessories. Philippe Starck's Charles Ghost Stools are welcome fill-ins for their overexposed brother the Ghost Chair, and read in a fresh way in this unexpected context. shop-look
 alessi_casa  hailtidal_supermarket  schoolhouse-light
Alessi Teapot, $180, Casa Hale Tidal Shelf, $750, Supermarket Factory Light No. 7 Cable Pendant, $289, School House Electric
maui_rugsusa  mixingbowl_williamsonoma mason_crateandbarrel
Maui Chunky Rug, From $74, Rugs USA Vintage Mixing Bowls, From $35, Williams-Sonoma Mason Coffee Table, $800, Crate & Barrel
tagine_lecreuset ghostchair_modern  teapot_mosaik
Le Creuset Tagine, $135, Metro Kitchen Charles Ghost Stool, $290, All Modern Vintage Moroccan Teapot, $150, Mosaik
Photograph Courtesy of Castles in the Sand