Shop the Room: Bookish Silver Lake

This is how our life coach's office would look, if he were a Southwest explorer, or say, Jason Schwartzman. The patchwork space is the work of LA-based design collective Commune, who transformed the den of this Tudor-style cottage in Silver Lake. There's plenty to ooh and ahh over; the Cindy Sherman photograph and the Richard Prince print (hard to make out, but trust us they're there), the vintage Jerry Johnson chrome sling chair, and Commune's own vibrant reclaimed kilim pillows, which accent that incredible, eye-popping Anatolian flat-weave rug (see ABC Carpet for similar styles). But if we're pressed to choose the most crucial players, we think there are three:

1. THE SHADE The walls' deep custom hue is achieved by mixing Benjamin Moore's Chrome Green with Pacific Sea Teal, to achieve what designer Steven Johanknecht describes as "the color of a billiard table and the darkness of a movie theater."

2. THE SHELVES Next we're giving honorable mention to the built-in bookshelves, which Johanknecht made his focal point, in a bid to define the bay window. We love the way the magazine archive is stacked horizontally to reveal just a sliver of color, and interspersed with offbeat curios.

3. THE BED, OR IS IT A COUCH? WAIT, IT'S BOTH But the pièce de résistance has got to be that unbelievable daybed, a highlight of the brand's forthcoming furniture collection with Environment, launching at ICFF later this month, and available for purchase this fall. Can't wait until then? We don't blame you: why not upholster a mattress in your favorite tweed then call yourself a genius? We'll back you.




Photograph: Courtesy Commune