Shop the Room: Gypsy Caravan

If Barbie quit Malibu to pursue a stint as a traveling fortuneteller, this would be her dreamhouse. The dazzling space belongs to Amsterdam-based Dutch designers Hans Demoed and Geert De Rooij, the visionaries behind avant-garde Dutch fashion label People of the Labyrinths, and had us doing double takes, thanks to its oil pastel color palette, dreamy window treatments, and Victorian mansion accents. There is something for everyone here: angular modernist lines, rustic decor, and maximalist tendencies. And it all boils down to the three strategic elements below.

THE COLOR PALETTE: This vibrant mix is akin to the sartorial palette your five-year-old niece puts together when given free reign to dress herself for school. In this case, the gauzy swags of the sheer aqua drapery, accented by panels of the designers' silk hand-dyed curtains set the stage, with the saturated coral walls playing best supporting color. The crimson and violet colors of the rug bump things off-course in a crucial way, introducing a new and deeper tone to the environs.

THE FLOOR PLAN: We talk about the value of layering textiles quite a bit, but this example is particularly noteworthy, due to the unexpected pairing of a jewel-toned kilim with a cowhide rug--a surprisingly harmonious combination. The neutral printed leather upholstery of the designers' boxy LAB Collection sofa, armchair and ottoman offers a much-needed cohesive element, with the sharp modern lines breathing youthful energy into the aesthetic.

THE ACCENTS: The myriad boheme elements are the icing on this tea leaf-spiked cake: the whimsical face plate and flower vase, the matching pair of gilded mirrors, the crystal floor lamp and Moravian star pendant, the anonymous statue on a marble pedestal, someone's grandmother's two-tiered brass plant stand--need we go on? Let's not forget the rustic nod, courtesy of a reclaimed wood coffee table. The key is choosing pieces that feel one-of-a-kind, and keeping the clutter to the borders of the room, to maintain a sense of curated space within the alluring chaos.


Photograph: Inga Powilleit  Styling: Tatjana Quax