Shop the Room: High-Contrast Salon

What's black and white (and green in places)--and begs to be copied? This room, which belongs to Stockholm-based interior stylist Lotta Agaton and her significant other, Fredrik Wallner. Fortunately, this translation is easy--just incorporate your own versions of the key design points outlined below.

KEEP IT CLEAN The crisp anti-color scheme could be the most valuable player, casting this work of art in a white cube glow.

TRY ASYMMETRICAL STYLING The design-minded couple has balanced the space's furniture choices while strategically bumping the accents off-center--draping a shaggy skunk-patterned throw over one of their two vintage leather Safari Campaign Chairs and hanging a typographic print askance of the wall's midpoint.

ADD ARCHITECTURAL LIGHTING Introducing a boldly engineered element to the proceedings brings the interest upwards--Paola Rizzato's iconic 265 Wall Lamp reads like a suspended work of art.

USE VERDANT ACCESSORIES The leafy plants, placed at varied heights, are crucial to the equation, instilling life and warmth into an otherwise severe scheme.


Photograph: Pia Ulin