Shop The Room: Hypercolor Surprise

You can almost feel the heartbeat of this high-temp Stockholm space, designed for Swedish magazine Allt i Hemmet (translation: Everything in the Home) by its Creative Director, Christina Breeze Le Guellaff. Oozing with pigment, wit, and a serious dash of daring, this Spin Art-styled salon practically challenges you not to smile. Recreate its vibrant, in-your-face look keeping these three points in mind.

MAKE A MESS. Dripped and splattered paint pays homage to the spirit of pioneering abstract artist Jackson Pollock--from the exuberant rug to the cheery paint-can accessories. Even the throw pillows on the sofa find their inspiration in the American artist: their amoeba-like Marble 4420 pattern, a masterpiece by Swedish designer Josef Frank, is said to have been sketched by Frank after he came into contact with Pollock's art in New York City in the '40s.

CLASH UNABASHEDLY. This room doesn't apologize for its intense color choices: neon pink plays nice with tomato red, electric blue, melted-butter yellow, and emerald green. To balance it all, Le Guellaff brings in a neutral sofa and side table with clean, modest lines--then amps it back up again with a dip-dyed surprise: an ombre wallpaper by Designers Guild.

DON'T LOSE YOUR EDGE. Swedish illustrator and satirist Jesper Waldersten adds a spark of dark humor to an otherwise wholly optimistic environment. His brazen color-outside-the-lines paintings push aesthetic boundaries in an intelligent, avant-garde way.



Photograph: Kristofer Johnsson