Shop the Room: Geode Luxe

Let's start with the element in the room: those walls. The geological marvels are the brainchild of Apparatus co-owners Gabriel Hendifar and Jeremy Anderson, whose Los Angeles dining room is styled around the stunning backdrop."They're inspired by the phenomenon of strata, or layers, in nature," says lighting designer Hendifar, who hand-painted the panels himself. "The result is a texture that lives mysteriously between rock and wood." The couple, who is based in New York but use the Miracle Mile flat as a pied-à-terre, created the room's high-impact aesthetic by playing off the mesmerizing backdrop. We honed in on the most crucial variables in their fine art formula.

GO FOR CONTRAST Hendifar and Anderson smartly selected statement pieces whose patterns both repeat and contrast the walls: the staggered striped Ikea Stockholm Rug adds a grounding geometric precision, while the hand-frosted glass orbs of Apparatus' Cloud Chandelier lend an ethereal aura.

ADD WARMTH Flea market finds including midcentury Danish chairs and pillar candleholders succinctly tie the earthy palette together. "Our intention was to create an eclectic room that felt inviting, with just enough tension to keep you on your toes," says Hendifar.

KEEP THINGS LIGHT The glass top of the '70s Italian table allows the largest furniture piece to elegantly disappear, so as not to obstruct the view.

GET THE LOOK Apparatus will release a strata fabric wallcovering with New York textile designer Zak Profera through his label Zak + Fox this spring.


Photograph: Michael Wells