Shop the Room: Maritime Marvel

If you'd like your kitchen to be timeless enough to withstand a trend, and sturdy enough to withstand the elements, why not model it after a first rate-ship? This space, from designer Jeffrey Alan Marks is our latest dream galley. To make your space feel as inviting, incorporate elements of a classic seafaring vessel, such as treated wood cabinetry, marine life wallpaper, and campaign style chairs fit for unfolding on deck. So find your sea legs and come to the Captain's quarters for a few words of advice. dh-shop-the-room-kitchen-header-08 Forgo painted, lacquered, or steel-clad cabinets. Let the glory of natural wood make a statement in your kitchen, one of warmth and character. With simple shaker-style molding, a hint of sheen, and charming hardware, these French oak cabinets are as promising as a new hull. dh-shop-the-room-kitchen-header-07 When choosing a wallcovering for a kitchen focal wall, stick to natural themes (think flora or fauna). Doing so will help the space feel more casual and appropriate for a steadfast cook. This design from de Gournay features fish hand-painted onto a gilded background. dh-shop-the-room-kitchen-header-06 When you've picked up treasures from all your latest ports, don't hide them in your cabinets. Show off your collection of handmade pottery and wood slab cutting boards, as doing so will also show off your personality. Also, hang your bounty of art from the top of a folding screen using rope or twine, as only the best first mate would. dh-shop-the-room-kitchen-header-09
dh-shop-the-room-kitchen-market-01 dh-shop-the-room-kitchen-market-02 dh-shop-the-room-kitchen-market-03
 Marble Mortar and Pestle, $100, Williams Sonoma Berhnardt Rilato Screen, price upon request, John V. Schultz Single Stem Vase, $105, Heath Ceramics
dh-shop-the-room-kitchen-market-04 dh-shop-the-room-kitchen-market-05 dh-shop-the-room-kitchen-market-07
Cain Candle Holders, $120 (set of five), Home Decorators Fishes Design Wallpaper, price upon request, De Gournay Solid Wood Cutting Board, $140, NuBe Green
dh-shop-the-room-kitchen-market-06 dh-shop-the-room-kitchen-market-09 dh-shop-the-room-kitchen-market-08
 Mercer Light, $119, Schoolhouse Electric MacLaren Dining Chair, price upon request, Richard Wrightman

Linden Dining Table, $2099, Room & Board

    Photograph: Courtesy Jeffrey Alan Marks Design