Shop the Room: Mixed Metal Lounge

This 1960s-era artist's home in Bavaria grabbed us for a multitude of reasons: chief among them, we love the way its relatively spare décor still oozes personality, and the manner in which its vintage elements are combined for a modern effect. Want to steal the look? Follow our tips below.

BUILD ON BRASS: Polished brass has played a supporting role in a multitude of high-profile interiors of late, so why not take it to the next level and make it your leading lady? The key is to use the material in varied forms: from a swooping hammered brass chair, to a regency-style coffee table, to a whimsical hand seat. As a finishing touch, incorporate a contrasting metal by bringing in a silver or pewter shade via a loveseat or rug.

TRY A PANELED APPROACH: Abandon your aversion to paneling (most likely caused by memories of your parents' basement). When used in the right way, an accent wall finished in this fashion can add texture and interest to an otherwise sterile space. Here, it reflects its brass environs and amps up the room's warmth.

THINK AROUND THE CORNER: Take advantage of your eyeline opportunities by positioning a bold or graphic work of art so that its visible from the next room or hallway. The trick will makes a small room feel larger, and add to your home's overall allure. shop-look
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Signed Pedro Friedeberg Gilt Hand Chair, price upon request, 1st Dibs

Hollywood Regency Coffee Table, $1495, Deconet

Aurora Vase, $140, Crate & Barrel

dh-shop-the-room-mixed-metal-market-02 dh-shop-the-room-mixed-metal-market-07 dh-shop-the-room-mixed-metal-market-06
Lulu Wolf Print 2, Indigo and Blue, $130, Little Paper Planes

Philippe Hiquily Side Table, price upon request, Artnet

Armless Upholstered Sofa, $764, West Elm
dh-shop-the-room-mixed-metal-market-08 dh-shop-the-room-mixed-metal-market-04 dh-shop-the-room-mixed-metal-market-01

Hammered Brass Chair by Philippe Hiquily, $65000, Kelly Wearstler

Dap Vase, $80, Crate & Barrel

Tri Color Special Cowhide Rug, from $425, Cassona

Photograph: Arkpad