Shop the Room: Purple Haze

If we haven't made our admiration for designer Betsy Burnham clear, let us break it down one more time. She has an unparalleled gift for mixing classic design with unexpectedly fresh accents, and isn't that what we all strive for in our homes? She recently shared with us how to mix and match bedding styles for a design-dueling couple, demonstrating her valuable wisdom. If you're looking for a similar mix in your own home you can contract Betsy to be your designer, wherever in the world you may live, with her alternative service Instant Space. But, if you took one glance at this lilac living room and had to have it immediately, follow our words of wisdom to get the look in your own space. dh-shop-the-room-purple-haze-header-01 Some say that choosing the right white paint color is the harder than finding a good hair dresser. It can indeed be tricky. White walls can begin to look cream, grey, or anything but fresh. It's key to find the right white to compliment the palette of your room. In this case, a white that has grey undertones compliments the purple palette beautifully. A creamy white would seem too warm or yellow for this space. Benjamin Moore's "Decorators White"  has a coolness to it that will compliment purple and be a great starting place for getting the look of this room. Decorators seem to have put this color in their back pocket, hence the name. Soon you'll find  yourself as loyal to it as you are to your hairdresser. dh-shop-the-room-purple-haze-header-02 Stick with what you love. In this case, it's purple furnishings. Honing in your color palette is an easy way to bring unity to a room. It's crucial, however, to incorporate many different hues of the same color, like lavender, mauve, and aubergine. Also mix various patterns and textures, so items don't seem to have been purchased as a set. In this case a velvet sofa is contrasted with a bold ikat patterned pillow, and grounded by a wool trellis design rug. These details will allow the power of purple to come into play. dh-shop-the-room-purple-haze-header-03 Boasting a velvet sofa and an antique secretary, this space is without a doubt traditional. While we see no problem with that, it is important to keep your space in the 21st century. Do so by incorporating a colorful and abstract piece of modern art. Mammoth & Company is one of our favorite sources for inspiring art, though if you feel the need to get out the finger paints and create your own masterpiece, more power to you. dh-shop-the-room-purple-haze-header-04
betsy-02 betsy-06 betsy-08-edit
 Mu Ikat Pillow, From $525, Madeline Weinrib  Jacqui Coffee Table, $715, Candelabra  Chester Chair, $470, Lulu & Georgia
besty-03 betsy-07 betsy-09
Dannah Sofa, $2149, Horchow Metro Purple Area Rug, From $450, Rug Studio Mahogony Secretary, $3200, 1st Dibs
besty-04 betsy-01 besty-05
 Spindle Chair, $1295, Williams Sonoma  Gold Goddesses Lamps, $2760, Lum  Tali Printed Curtain, From $49, West Elm
Photograph: Sarah Dorio