Should I Date Multiple People at Once?

On a date.
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With today's dating apps, you have the opportunity to meet new people with every swipe. And with a seemingly endless supply of potential partners at your fingertips, more and more people are dating multiple people at once. But is this the dating strategy that you should take? When it comes to today's dating world and climate, it's important to understand if dating multiple people at once is right for you. 

Dating multiple people at once certainly has its appeal, as there are many benefits to taking this kind of dating approach.

1. You Get to Expand Your Dating Network

If you're wondering if you should date multiple people at once, one of the benefits is that you're opening yourself up to meeting more potential romantic partners. For example, this approach enables you to make the best use of your time when it comes to dating and allows you to meet different people in a shorter period of time. Since dating is a numbers game, going out with multiple people in a given timeframe can help you find someone of interest in a faster way, since you're not limiting yourself.

2. You're Keeping Dating Light and Fun

Another key benefit of dating more than one person at the same time is that you can take a more lighthearted approach to dating. Specifically, if you're someone who isn't looking for a serious relationship, then dating multiple people at once can help prevent things from getting too serious with someone. Further, if you're someone who tends to fall hard and fast for someone, then dating multiple people at once can help prevent you from falling into this dating trap and prematurely devoting yourself to someone before the two of you have even talked about being exclusive. 

3. You Can Date at Your Own Pace

When it comes to dating multiple people at once, this approach also enables you to date on your terms. For instance, you get to decide how many people you want to see in a given week and how active you choose to be on any given dating app. And if you're a person who recently broke up with someone and is looking to date again, then dating multiple people at once can help you see who's out there and allows you to dip your toes back into the dating world at your own pace. 

However, there are also reasons why dating multiple people at once may not be the best approach for you. 

1. You're Preventing Yourself From Connecting With Someone on a Deeper Level

If you're wondering if you should date multiple people at once, it's important to understand that this dating method may end up preventing you from finding the relationship you're seeking. For example, if you're dating more than one person at a time, this may keep you from opening up and really getting to know someone on a deeper level because you're not fully giving your all to this person. Specifically, if you're unable to give your time to a potential partner and don't put much energy into cultivating a relationship with him or her, then you may end up sabotaging any future relationship because you're not establishing the necessary foundation on which your connection can develop. 

2. You May Turn off Potential Partners

Importantly, if you're dating more than one person at a time, you may end up causing a budding relationship to end because the person you're with isn't okay with being one of your many dates. For instance, if you're dating multiple people, a person you may really like may choose to cut your relationship short because he or she wants your full and undivided attention and doesn't like that you're playing the field while the two of you are trying to build a connection.  

3. You Can Experience Dating Burnout

In order to figure out if dating multiple people at once is right for you, it's important to keep in mind that this approach can cause your outlook on dating to change for the worse. For instance, rather than being a fun way to meet new people, dating more than one person at a time can start to feel like a chore or even a second job. If you're trying to meet as many people as you can, this kind of dating overload can actually cause you to want to give up on dating altogether, especially if the people you're dating don't turn out to be of interest to you. Dating a large number of people at one time can cause you to think that "dating sucks" because you're putting a lot of time and effort into meeting someone special and getting nothing in return.

After weighing the different pros and cons of dating multiple people at once, it's up to you to decide how you'd like to approach dating altogether. When it comes to putting yourself out there and finding that special someone, you should always listen to your gut—and your heart. 

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