Have You Planned to Use Your Vacation Time Yet? Here's Why You Should

There's a certain amount of trepidation that goes into asking for time off. Even if you've rightfully accrued your hours and are giving ample notice, there's a lingering sense of unease that's all too common. In fact, an astounding 55% of Americans don't fully use their time off. Employees may feel uncomfortable taking time off for a variety of reasons. What if their manager views them as uninvested in their work or even ungrateful to have work? Senior employees might even feel their job can't be managed by another in their absence or that their work simply can't go untouched for two weeks. The pros of taking vacation time, however, absolutely outweigh any perceived cons. Vacation time isn't a perk—it's a necessity. Keep reading for four reasons you shouldn't let any of those vacation hours go to waste.

Keep reading to learn why unlimited vacation days should be a must for employees.