These 11 Showstopping Bathrooms Are Blowing Up on Pinterest

While you may expect to encounter gorgeous flower bouquets atop a bathroom sink, perhaps you haven't seen many adorning the floors, let alone inside the shower. If you have, you know just how chic shower plants can look. But the benefits of indoor plants extend far beyond those beautiful veneers. In fact, houseplants improve air quality by naturally filtering out pollutants. According to a study by the Institute of Environmental Biotechnology, indoor microbiomes also reduce stress and stimulate creativity. And even though we use bathrooms to relax and clean up, they can become cesspools of bacteria.

Gross, we know, but if you stay on top of those regular deep cleans and introduce a shower plant or two, your bathroom will maintain that germ-free sanctuary status. If you're unsure how to style a shower plant but want to give it a try, our roundup of gorgeous bathrooms from Pinterest will give you plenty of inspiration. Each bathtub or shower is blooming with literal style, so you won't wonder why they're all blowing up online. Is your pin finger ready? Scroll through these 11 examples of shower plants to see the magic for yourself.


With a built-in tub like this one, we'd be the biggest bathroom hogs who ever lived. Easily. The industrial aesthetic of concrete is softened up by the light blue tiles and rustic wood tray as well as the natural and casual shades. And the cherry on top? The plant, of course. 


With sleek wall-to-wall tiles, we aren't surprised that this bathroom has more than 20,000 repins. The overlapping textures create tactile and visual intrigue in a very subtle and fresh way. The mix of white tiles and contrasting wood and concrete flooring gives the bathroom a decidedly refreshing energy without overwhelming the eye, because it remains within a tight color palette. Plus, the shower design is genius. Since there's no need for a caddy thanks to the built-in shelf, you can hang a plant from the showerhead.


Subway tiles aren't going anywhere, and we're not mad about it. We particularly love the matte black hardware in this immaculately pristine bathroom. Apparently, we aren't the only ones who fell in love with it, considering there are over 21,000 repins. With a minimalistic look, the plant on the windowsill is a great way to introduce a colorful dimension without veering from the understated feel of the room.


Why only have one plant in the bathroom when you can have three? The asymmetry of the scattered plants in the front with the pretty bundle of flowers in the built-in shower shelf make a stunning trio. Easy sophistication is infused à la marble flooring, and the consistency of sky blue in the shower products and the eye-catching planter in the forefront.


Making yet another strong case for concrete, this shower is seriously killing it. With a bronzey showerhead reminiscent of retro exposed plumbing, half-painted wood ceilings, plenty of natural light pouring in through the window, ashy ceilings, and that large green plant in the corner, we're inspired to amp our own bathroom's cool factor up a notch.


One look at this serene bathroom makes us feel like we've been transported to the Mediterranean Sea. The Spanish-style cement tiles and understated stool create an effortless oasis, which is even better thanks to the gorgeous florals sitting center stage.


We're not sure which element of this bathroom to worship first. The painted wood floors, casual linen drapes and slipcovered chair, rustic wood stool for their farmhouse charm, or that classic yet somewhat unexpected portrait leaning against the wall? Needless to say, we'd do just about anything to be soaking in that treetop sunlit bathtub right about now.


If you love the outdoors, this is probably the master bathroom of your dreams. If you don't have room for a greenhouse in your home, don't sweat it, because here's your solution. Although, even if you do sweat, you'll have this gorgeous room to clean up in. The pink accents in the background add yet another trace of magic.


To highlight your pretty bathroom plants, consider swapping in some new towels that enhance those natural shades. The vivid hues in the towel draped over the tub are playful, yet they don't draw our attention away from the beauty of the plants. It's an easy way to refresh your space too, if you're ready for a change.


This bathroom may be on the teenier side, but it's packed with style. The hip marble flooring extends throughout the entire space, seamlessly blending the shower with the rest of the room to make it feel larger. For a touch of warmth against the cool gold hardware and marble, just add in a rustic wooden bench and traditional potted plant like this one.


Last but not least, here's the dreamy bathtub we've been searching for all our lives. With an ornate footed base (we see you, fancy feet!), a modern matte black paint, and homey display of potted plants, this bathroom is balanced to perfection.

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