8 Shrimp Scampi Recipes Made for Alfresco Summer Dining

The early months of summer practically beg you start cooking and dining outdoors. After months spent huddling indoors due to cold weather, everyone is itching to spend as much time in the fresh air as possible. Plus, the warm weather hasn't yet heated up to the boiling temperatures of the peak summer months. That means it's time to take advantage of this ideal weather and enjoy flavors of the season.

Along with the perfect weather for dining on the patio comes fresh summer recipes to try throughout this special time of year. One such dish is shrimp scampi, a classic and surprisingly simple meal to make that's sure to impress any crowd. It's full of bright summery ingredients like seafood, tomatoes, garlic, white wine, lemon, and basil for a savory dish perfect for any occasion. Try your hand at one of these shrimp scampi recipes and enjoy a meal outside with good company.