Almost 75% of People Are Dehydrated—But They Miss These 3 Common Signs

Updated 11/14/17
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You'd be surprised by the myriad of health issues that can be put under the wide umbrella of "dehydration." In fact, as many as 75% of Americans unknowingly suffer from chronic dehydration, which can manifest as headaches, anxiety, fatigue, constipation, and more, reports CBS. As holistic health coach MaryAnn Jones of Wear Your Wellness puts it on MindBodyGreen, "It's important to remember that a dry mouth and thirst are not the only sign that you are water-deprived, and in fact, many symptoms like fatigue, headaches, and brain fog can be resolved by simply increasing your daily intake of H2O." Below, read up on the three common symptoms of dehydration that many people miss:

1. Bad headaches and hangovers. Forget reaching for the Excedrin migraine—"most hangover symptoms, including headaches, are widely attributed to dehydration," explains Jones. "Many will find relief within 30 minutes of drinking eight to 16 ounces of water while others will require additional glasses and more time."

2. Brain fog and anxiety. Yes, even mild dehydration impacts your mind's ability to function normally. "plump up your brain with enough water to help you manage stress, tackle information overload, and master decision making," she recommends.

3. Constipation. "When your body is dehydrated, it's essentially in crisis," she explains. "This means that it will pull water from areas like your colon to ensure that your brain, lungs, and heart have enough water to keep you alive." To curb dehydration, she recommends adding a tablespoon of chia seeds to 16 ounces of room temperature water. "Let it set for 10 minutes, and drink up to motivate your colon to loosen up. Then keep up your hydration efforts throughout the day."

Head over to MindBodyGreen for more, and read up on how much water you should drink when you fly next.

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