Designers Call Out 5 Telltale Signs You've Overdecorated (and How to Fix Them)

We all know the look of a flawlessly curated living space—or if you can’t conjure one to mind, here’s a pretty good example. You can feel the minute you step inside that everything in your vicinity has a home, and every element has been carefully considered. Whether you’re a minimalist or lean towards the eccentric, finding your happy medium is necessary for not only creating a visually stimulating room but to ensure your home is utilitarian in your everyday life.

You too can be the owner of such an impact-inducing abode in just a few easy steps. But first let’s get familiar with the pitfalls of over-decorating from some of our go-to interior designers, and how they themselves would fix such hefty décor mishaps. Think of this as your gateway into spring cleaning. Read on to find out the signs of over-decorating and how to fix them.