Asking for a Friend: How Do I Know I'm in Love?

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Are you wondering if you’re in love? While you may feel especially happy, excited, and blissful when you’re with that special someone, it can be hard to determine what these emotions actually mean. Fortunately, there are seven clear-cut signs that can help you recognize if what you’re feeling is in fact, true love.

Read on for seven tell-tale signs you're in love.

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Your Connection Is Both Physical and Emotional

While you may be attracted to your partner and have great chemistry with them, the way to determine if you’re in love is that you connect with each other emotionally as well. This means that while there’s clearly a lot of passion between the two of you, there’s also compassion. And this mental connection truly enables you to understand each other and empathize with one another on a new level. "Often, for people in love, sex is more than just sex," says Theresa E. DiDonato, Ph.D.

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You're Totally Comfortable With Your S.O.

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Another sign that you’re in love is that you feel completely at ease with this person. You’re able to open up to them without the fear of judgment, rejection, or scorn. You’re also comfortable enough to be 100% authentic and totally forthright on any matter, big or small. "Showing the real you is part of the experience of finding the kind of love that can last," DiDonato says. And since honesty and the willingness to be vulnerable play major roles when it comes to being in love, you’re likely not in love if you find yourself holding back and playing a role when you’re with this person.

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You Can Disagree Without the Fear of Losing Them

When you’re in love, your connection is strong enough to endure the conflicts and arguments that may arise between the two of you. In other words, you’re not at risk of losing this person even when you have a disagreement, as you’re able to resolve these conflicts and come out stronger, not weaker. These quibbles and quarrels can help give you more insight as well as enable you to understand this person on a deeper level.

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You Want This Person in Your Life in a Big Way


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An additional sign that you’re in love is that you not only enjoy being around one another, but you also seek out opportunities to be together. While you clearly can’t and shouldn’t spend every waking moment with each other, their presence adds an extra dimension to the activity, event, or occasion, whether it’s accompanying you to a birthday party or simply sitting next to you on the couch while you binge-watch Netflix. When you’re truly in love, being together is just better. 

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You Enjoy Doing Things for This Person

If you’re wondering if you’re in love, another clear-cut indicator is that you take pleasure in doing nice things for your partner. Whether it’s surprising them with a candlelit dinner, washing their dirty car, or taking care of the plans for an upcoming trip, making them happy can make you happy in return.

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You're With This Person for the Right Reasons

Another sign you're in love is that there are no strings attached to your connection. You’re not with this person because you’re scared to be alone, you need a distraction from a previous breakup, or because you feel an obligation due to the time you’ve invested in your relationship. When you’re in love, the idea of not having this specific person in your life would be practically unimaginable.

If you’re feeling that your partner is basically interchangeable, you’re not with the right person, and you’re probably not in love.

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You Are Over-The-Moon Happy

An additional sign that you’re in love is simply that you’re incredibly happy. You may find yourself smiling at random times throughout the day, as the mere thought of this person and/or the anticipation of seeing them can make you feel giddy. You may also notice a significant improvement in your mood and temperament purely because of your significant other. This person’s positive impact in your life can be powerful enough to shift your attitude, outlook, and overall well-being in many positive ways. 

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