Telltale Signs You're Happy in Your Relationship

For those of us not third-wheeling (or, for the truly lucky ones, fifth-wheeling), chances are you’ve doubted your relationship from time to time. Yes, you're with someone great, but are they the one? If it’s relatively new, you’re likely still getting to know each other, while long-term partnerships mean you may be secretly wondering if this is the last person you’ll be with, well, ever. Thankfully, according to a recent article written by Tyler Leslie at Mind Body Green, there are several habits that only happy couples adopt. Here they are:

They view arguments as productive discussions.

Let’s be honest, few people enjoy arguing. Although it’s not always pleasant (or comfortable, for that matter), if you’re able to talk calmly and state your point of view while still being able to understand that of your SO, you’ll almost always find a solution that suits both of your needs. How’s that for staying cool, calm and collected?

They see traveling together as an adventure rather than a stressful experience.

For many, especially those who are seriously Type A, going on a trip just about anywhere involves list upon list to ensure that the trip will be successful. But what happens when things get thrown off course? The best couples can easily re-route and know that in the long run, it’s about enjoying the overall experience, not just focusing on one snag in the plan (like forgetting your toothbrush).

They are constantly finding ways to do and be better in their relationship.

Being in a good relationship means trying, and not just from one-half of the pair. Both individuals should look elsewhere—to books, articles, advice from friends—to be able to exert all the effort possible to make the partnership work. Being a successful couple involves a good deal of hard work.

They enjoy each other’s company more than anyone else’s.

Have you ever had a friend who hangs out with you more than her plus-one? Or invites you over every time they’re doing something just the two of them? It just doesn’t seem right. When you’re crazy about the person you’re with, you want to spend more time with that single person than anyone else… and you’d never give up that precious alone time without good reason.

They handle individual problems as a team.

When work, finances, or family difficulties arise, sometimes it seems easier to push away someone you care about. But the best couples know that they can get through anything faster when they do it side-by-side.

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When and how did you realize your relationship makes you happy?